Neighbourgoods Market Revived As The Playground


Covid-19 forced the shutdown of the popular Saturday Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein. Now, its opening again for a triumphant return.  On 29 January 2022, The Playground will open at the same location (73 Juta Street) and again change the way that weekends are spent in Joburg. 

When South Africa went into its first lockdown in March 2020 it took with it one of Joburg’s most vital city attractions – the Saturday Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein.  Since 2011, Neighbourgoods has been a city institution and a magnet for local and international visitors. It saw almost 2 million visitors pass through its alleyway entrance and changed the way people experienced the city. 

This wave also shaped a new generation of city dweller, who visited the market weekly for the buzz it created, not only at the site, but throughout the neighbourhood. 

Happy return

On 29 January 2022, The Playground will open at the same location (at 73 Juta Street), and again change the way that weekends are spent in Joburg. 

Co-founder of Neighbourgoods Market Adam Levy is the force behind The Playground, a creation of his company Play Braamfontein, started 18 years ago. While The Playground is a new venture it’s shaped by the values that this urban development company holds fast. 


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“I’ve re-learnt that fulfillment is in the experience of creating, and not in the possession of ideas. Everything I ever wanted to do, but was waiting for the perfect tenancy, I will now undertake to do through Play,” says Levy. 

Levy has brought together a team of specialists to curate every aspect of the experience – combining food, art, design, fashion, and music. 

“The market – which will feature everything we loved about the last version, will go further. The Playground will amplify new stories and build new storytellers in this city. It will excite a whole new generation and be a holding place for outstanding talent.

“The Playground will be the source of everything that is the best of Braamfontein – which is everything that is the best of South Africa. 

“I believe there is an opportunity to break moulds, create trends, and open the space up to showcase talent and to inspire creative culture. This next iteration will be transformative, and we are intent on The Playground once again becoming a weekly must-visit for its unique energy.” 


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What is The Playground? 

Exactly what its name suggests, a place to spark the kind of joy and connection that Covid almost snuffed out. The Playground is a considered space, playing host to a regular artisan Market on Saturdays. Here visitors will find a menu of gourmet street food and cocktails and live music performances on Sundays. More than just a market space, The Playground is focused on creating a platform for exceptional young talent in Joburg. 

The Playground aims to be a showcase for the best up and coming young designers in South Africa. It will feature a new talent incubator pop-up that will bring exciting and surprising elements to the mix each week. Music is an integral part of The Playground experience – and top musicians, including the likes of Black Coffee & DJ Euphonik are part of the weekly musical festivals programme.   


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The Playground location

The Playground will occupy the well-known space in which the former Neighbourgoods Market took place. The landmark 73 Juta Street building, with its iconic Edoardo Villa sculptural façade will offer visitors an airy space. The venue is a multi-story open-air location, custom-designed performance space. The outdoor decks overlooking the city is the perfect venue for this era. 

Opening hours

The Playground artisan market will open from 09:00 – 18:00 every Saturday and include an afternoon music line-up. Sunday afternoons The Playground will host Deep in The City by Black Coffee and DJ Euphonik. Regular updates will be shared on The Playground’s Instagram account. 


Free to enter from 09:00 – 11:00. 

From 11:00 –18:00 a R20 entry fee will be payable at the door by card only. 

Note that this will be a cashless environment. 

Check out The Playground and Play Braamfontein on Instagram.

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