Fashion Designers You Wouldn't Dare Call Average

Fashion Designers

Tshepo The JeanMaker

Guys! If you have not seen the jeans that are made by Tshepo The Jeanmaker, then you have not lived long enough to witness a work of art, creativity and pure craftsmanship. Tshepo's jean pieces cannot just be limited to pants (so we can wipe that stereotype out of out heads), the name says it all.

He makes jackets, shirts, dungarees and more, Tshepo has dressed some of the most well known artists in the industry, making his work recognised by many. His flair for creativity is inspiring, one of my favourites has to be the dungaree with multiple coloured splats, if you want to see more of his work - you can find them at Victoria Yards. It's time to get jean'd up.


DryBone Co.

Trust me when I say that there is nothing dry about Oscar's Clothing, you might remember him from the brand Vintage Zionist. Well! this guy is the real deal and has managed to change the game with his fashion and his eco-consciousness mentality. DryBone is all about recycling and redesigning clothing, bringing you the best of what could be worn at a red carpet event or even as street wear.

Oscar's signature is black and leather (atleast from what i've seen over the years) and trust me, it works - show me someone who doesn't know how to match black. His pieces are to die for, some of his best work has been showcased on the SA Fashion Week stage, bringing edgy on another level.

Fashion Designers

Imprint ZA

If you want something that screams "Africa, the motherland"  the honey you have just found your treasure, Imprint ZA. Mzukisi Mbane has completely altered the whatever traditions that people live by when it comes to prints, African prints to be more exact.

His ethos is "Leave a mark" and how can it not, this African luxury brand has turned fashion into a painting that people want to wear. The cut is everything with piece, with detail that makes it stand out. Mzukisi is definitely one of the fashion designers to watch.

Fashion Designers

Loin Cloth & Ashes 

Anisa Mpungwe, a name worth knowing. The fashion designer behind the brand Loin Cloth & Ashes. If you are a-ll about exploring and trying something new - this  is where you will find some of the pieces that will get you started.
Loin Cloth & Ashes brings you the best of both worlds, inspired by traditional methods with a new twist. One thing that you will notice is the architectural inspiration that shines through some of the pieces, the detail and colour choice is magnificent.
The colours are the epitome of what Africans are about, diversity and a rainbow nation that is fill with character and spunk.
Fashion Designers

Heart & Heritage

Detail, detail, detail! Heart & Heritage is about detail and craftsmanship. The garments that they make and have showcased on stage are the most unique stuff we have seen. It is inspired by a combination of simplicity and detail.

The touches are so simple yet so effective, some of the most inspiring work we've seen and we are not surprised the live by the saying, "In our work, we often hand paint our garments, making them one of a kind pieces."

So now that we have looked at some not so familiar but very influential brands, let's check out their works of art and make that fashion statement boo!

By Mary-Ann Nyandeni

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  1. Jasmijn Winter says:

    Vintage Zionis, i always like their design of shorties.

  2. genevievepreze says:

    I love this fashion show design, amazing, and love this post

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