Mugg & Bean Brings Warm & Hearty Dishes To Its Winter Menu

We don’t know about you but we believe that nothing beats a hot bowl of soup or a velvety cup of hot chocolate during the chilly months (are you drooling yet?). That’s why we’re excited about some of the additions that Mugg & Bean has made to their winter 2016 menu – they look, and taste, divine!

What is it about hearty and comforting foods, and winter? Let’s be honest, a plate full of greens just don’t cut it sometimes. If you feel the same way (there’s no shame in it), treat yourself to one, or more, of the scrumptious additions to Mugg & Bean’s new menu.

Here are our top picks of the drinks and dishes that you simply must try:

Tea Floats

Before you order your meal, why not opt for a rich and creamy tea float? They come in three flavours: chai, matcha green tea and red espressoTM. Our personal fave is the chai tea float – it’s sweet, spicy and satisfying, perfect for those chilly evenings!

A Sumptuous Bowl Of Soup

Mugg & Bean has added two delicious soups to its vast array of dishes. You can either try their smoked beef brisket and pan-fried gnocchi soup (which is fairly light and filled with lots of tasty veggies) or their coconut, carrot and ginger soup. The latter is vegan, and has a thick, creamy texture that you’ll love. The ginger is a great touch, in our opinion!

Mugg & Bean Brings Warm & Hearty Dishes To Its Winter Menu

Delicious Flatbreads

If you’re looking for a dish with plenty of flavour, we recommend their flatbreads. You can choose between their falafel, spinach and red pepper flatbread or even their smoked beef brisket (as you can see, they’re all about the smoky flavour of brisket this winter), feta and roasted butternut flatbread. However, our pick has to be the sesame-crusted buttermilk chicken flatbread – it’s delightfully crunchy and has an amazing nutty sauce on top.

Hot Milkshakes

Yes, you read that right. Mugg & Bean is offering patrons the chance to literally play with their food (and drinks, in this case). When you order one of their decadent, chocolate hot milkshakes, you get a beautiful, chocolate-decorated jar, filled with ice cream, and a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows on the side. How those elements are mixed together is completely up to you – it’s definitely a fun twist on a well-known, winter staple.

The next time you decide to brave the cold, be sure to pop by Mugg & Bean for one of their tasty menu items… trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

By Nicole Naidoo

Have you tried out any of these dishes? Let us know if you enjoyed them as much as we did in the comments section below!

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