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Most Popular Online Casino Games in South Africa

Most Popular Online Casino Games in South Africa

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The popularity of online casinos has been growing rapidly in the last decade around the globe. The convenience of gambling sites and mobile apps is perhaps the biggest benefit for their users, as they are able to play anywhere and anytime. South Africa is one of the countries where this trend is particularly prevalent, with more and more gambling enthusiasts enjoying online casinos as opposed to the traditional land-based options. So, which online games have the users been enjoying the most? Let’s find out!

Online Slot Games

Just like slot machines are among the most popular games in land-based casinos, this is no different online. In
particular, online slots in a Zar Casino stand out due to the incredible range of games available - not hundreds, but
thousands to choose from. These games tend to have various fun themes, whether that’s based on a well-known movie
or simply a unique fantasy theme, most of which will have highly advanced graphics and sound effects too. 

The creativity and uniqueness in online slot games is perhaps what makes them slightly more exciting than your
traditional slot machines, although the simplicity of the rules remain the same. Additionally, slot machines, both online
and in-person, are known to be the highest paying games that have made thousands of players into millionaires in their
100+ years of existing. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that slots made it at the top of this list. 

Live Roulette

People often wonder how an online casino can make up for the lack of socialising that you typically get when visiting a
land-based casino. Well, live roulette being one of the most popular online casino games proves that the experience is
not that limited. Roulette is a highly social game by nature, as you have a dealer sitting in front of you, spinning the
wheel for you. However, South African online casinos like Tuskcasino, for instance, offer the exact same experience
through your computer screen. 

In a live roulette game, you essentially connect to a live stream where a real dealer is playing with you. Typically, this
will be in a live room with other players, so you will be able to chat and socialise that way. The dealer is interacting with
the players too, as they would in-person. The best part of it, however, is that you can play from home, in your pyjamas. 

Online Poker

Playing poker online is a hugely different experience and some players believe it requires better skills too. Since you are
playing in a digital room, you are not able to see your opponent's faces and spot bluffing that way. Instead, you have an
online chat where you can get to know them. You also rely significantly on your ability to recognise patterns in the way
they play. Many South African casino enthusiasts seem to enjoy the unique experience when playing online poker,
making it one of the most popular games on the list. 

Besides, online casinos also hold poker tournaments regularly, which are just as serious and well-organised as any
tournament you would have played in before. The prize list for the top winners of such tournaments can be very
attractive too, with large sums of money as well as physical gifts up for grabs. 


Blackjack is another card game that is highly popular in the online casinos of South Africa. Differently to poker,
blackjack is played against the dealer as opposed to other people. Nonetheless, you are able to play in an online room
with other people and a live dealer, where you can socialise and see other people’s strategies. 

Blackjack is all about getting the highest cards without going over the total score of 21. While a lot of it is down to the
cards you got to begin with, there is also a lot of skill and strategy involved in this game. South African players online
tend to take blackjack seriously, studying the strategy charts and sticking to the best strategies known. 


Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games not only in South Africa but also across the world and it seems to only
be growing in popularity every year. In online casinos, baccarat is played with a live dealer, similarly to blackjack or roulette. Again, you have a possibility to chat with the dealer as well as with other players, so the game can be as social
as you like. 

The reason for such high popularity of baccarat is believed to be due to its greater odds of winning. While the dealer is
still in a better chance of winning, the house tends to have minimal advantage percentages of around 1%. Baccarat is
also popular for its simplicity, with little skills required - you simply guess which of the three probable outcomes of the
game will happen to win.


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