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Meet Moody Cow

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Meet the Moody Cow, your new favourite gelato, waffle, and all things sweet shop.

While the origins of ice cream are often debated, most scholars trace the first ice cream parlour back to France in the 17th century. Until 1800, ice cream remained a rare and exotic dessert enjoyed mostly by the elite. And that's enough history for now because all you need to know is that in 2018 you can get some of the best ice cream in Joburg, at a little West Rand shop called the Moody Cow. Here's what makes this place so special. Ice cream, gelato, frozen moo juice — call it what you want, but Moody Cow in Clearwater Mall is one of the best places to get your dairy fix. Spend an afternoon there, sampling a Moody Cow dessert, and you'll tell anyone, hands down, that passion and authenticity go into this little ice cream parlour's cool offerings.

The menu at Moody Cow is a gathering point for all things sweet. It's a gelateria in the true sense of the word. Every dish is made by hand – from the gingerbread biscuits to the milk tart-flavoured ice cream and everything in between. Patrons can expect waffles covered in the naughtiest of chocolate, waffle wafer boats filled with gelato, marshmallows and all kinds of syrups. Some ice cream sandwiches are so big that you could stick a flag in one and declare it a country. Ice cream lovers can choose from a delicious array of flavours. These range from the classics such as chocolate and vanilla, to well-known gelato flavours like pistachio and stracciatella (a blend of milk and chocolate shavings). Moody Cow serves ices with unique South African-inspired flavours such as biltong (yup, we kid you not), milk tart, popcorn and malva pudding.

Pair your ice with one of the parlour's speciality coffees, an Uber Shake or a Sicilian lemonade. There are also selected candies, biltong, imported chocolates and liquorice. The Moody Cow gift section makes up bespoke gifts for a special occasion. All in all, if you're into milkshakes, ice creams and everything sweet then Moody Cow in Clearwater Mall is just the place for you. For more, click here.

By Shawn Greyling

Have you been to the Moody Cow before? If not, then make sure to check it out. Their ice cream flavours change once or twice a month so be sure to visit this little shop on a regular basis. Sharing is caring, so show this article to your buddy with the sweet tooth. 


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