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Makiti Wedding Venue For Your Fairytale Day

Makiti Wedding Venue For Your Fairytale Day

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Any bride has a dream of a wedding day where everything is perfect and runs according to plan. At Makiti they ensure that this dream becomes reality. Peace of mind is part of their package!

They assist you in planning your entire wedding and they are by your side all the time, the day of your wedding. All this planning can be done over the Internet but if possible they do prefer to discuss your big day over a cup of coffee.

At Makiti they prefer to be in control so they can guarantee your success.

happy-bride-groom-cut-wedding-cake_8353-9297 freepic.diller Makiti

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Walking through the arched wooden doors you are immediately struck by the romantic ambience created by the soft dimmed light of the fine copper chandeliers and the golden glow of the sun that brushes your cheeks through the tainted windows. The wooden pews seat up to 250 guests that await you while listening to romantic music played over the installed sound system or on the organ.

The ringing of the Antique Brass Bell, announces that your big moment has finally arrived. As you take your first step down the 19m Merlot Red Carpeted Isle, the congregation rises to welcome you to the start of your new life.

There is a beautiful podium that is installed in the front, but very often the minister prefers to stand on the floor with you at the free standing podium. There is also a register table on which you will sign the most important contract of your life.

Flower arrangements done in the chapel are moved to the function room after the service as to ensure that they are utilised again and you get good value for your money. The in-house florist will also ensure that the Corsages, Buttonholes, Baskets and Petals are in place before your guests arrive. Makiti can also assist with a range of accessories that may be needed throughout the service, e.g.: Cushions for Kneeling, Ring cushions, Unity candles, etc.

The installed sound system ensures that every guest can hear the message given when the minister speaks over the lapel microphone. The DJ can also assist with playing CD’s before and during the service. Makiti also have a variety of music that could be played, e.g. different versions of the wedding march, etc. You are welcome to have the congregation lead in praise and worship with the installed organ. If you don’t have and organist they have a few organists that are already comfortable on their organ.


Image from Makiti Wedding Venue.

Most brides make use of their own minister / priest, if needed Makiti can also assist with a list of discerned experts in all denominations. Pre-Marriage counselling is highly recommended and they can also link you up with someone that will be glad to assist. (They would love to know that you would still be married in 10 years time!)

The day of the wedding you are completely in Makiti's hands. All you need to do is to be there and enjoy your day. Their co-ordinators are alongside you every step of the way, even here at the chapel. When they do your “Final Arrangement” meeting approximately 4 weeks prior to your wedding date, they discuss every second of your big day so they can help things to go “your” way. Therefore if they have e.g. arranged that your flower girls will walk down the isle on their own special song while throwing fresh petals down the isle, the co-ordinators will make sure that it runs according to plan. See. Easy isn’t it!

Keep in mind that apart from the memories of this beautiful day in your lives you only have your photographs to show. That is why they have gone into the finest detail when landscaping their 8 hectares of gardens. The rolling lawns drop down onto the banks of the historic “Blaauwbank Spruit” that meanders through the gardens. High towering majestic cliffs edge off this perfect picture. Every corner hosts another photo opportunity and the array of features will form perfect backgrounds for photographs unique to Makiti. An array of colour laughs through the faces of petunias, pansies, etc.

God’s indescribable Peace is felt wherever you stray in this mystical garden.

The highveld sunsets gloom through the archways, a photo on the ox-wagon makes you appreciate the tar road right to the gate, the wooden swing makes you feel like that fairy tale princess. The photos on the Makiti designed gazebo gives the very classical look, quaint bridges and ponds form stunning reflections.

Strategically placed spotlights light up the entire valley and highlights the features at night to transform the gardens into a “fairy land”. Even the cliffs are lit. Guests also enjoy taking a stroll when taking a break from the dance floor. Take a seat on one of the benches and listen to a choir of crickets and frogs entertaining you all evening.

If the weather doesn’t want to play with they also have a spacious studio with a backdrop of a full garden scene out of Makiti’s garden. The studio is often even used on beautiful sunny days purely to have that nice photo with the friendly lights or in the case of a family member not being very mobile.

Makiti is surely known for its stunning gardens and breathtaking red sunsets!

Wedding suits groom Makiti


Makiti’s spacious, airy thatched function room seats up to 250 guests with a large dance floor and up to 400 guests if the outside extension is incorporated. The hall is draped in soft white voile and the copper chandeliers give that final touch to the beautiful thatch. The inside of the hall become one with the enchanting gardens when the glass doors are flung open.

Their chairs are also dressed for the occasion in white satin suits. The white tablecloths hang heavily to the ground. The client has a choice of 36 different colours in overlays to create the perfect look required. Table numbers, toothpick holders, menu stands etc. were all especially designed to fit into the theme.

The florist has a variety of centrepieces, candelabra and flower stands for the bride to choose from. With her doing the arrangements she includes the use of these at no additional cost, which takes the schlep out of you having to fetch the stands on Friday and someone having to return them on Monday. There are also a few options of décor that are available to hire if the bride doesn’t like the flower arrangement idea or has a smaller budget, e.g. candle displays, etc.

Lighting in the Function Room

The copper chandeliers are dimmed at night to create a romantic and warm atmosphere. Strategically placed spotlights light up important areas like the Main Table, Podium where the MC speaks from, the cake table, flower arrangements on the stage, the dance floor (for that first dance). Have you ever seen a wedding video that was recorded without proper lighting? Have you ever noticed how annoying it is when you can’t see the bride and groom behind all the videographers lighting equipment? That is why Makiti had all of these lights installed.

wedding dress Makiti

Sound Equipment

When the sound engineers installed the sound system they considered the fact that music should be louder on the dance floor and softer towards the back where the older guests want to “hear” each other. Music is as important as good food. It can make or break a function.

The DJ has to consider all age groups attending, different nationalities and your likes and dislikes. You will have a meeting with him prior to the function to discuss your requirements. He will also be glad to assist you in selecting that special song to enter on and that very important first dance. Makiti have a vast variety of music, which is run through mixing boards and the computer system with a very big MP3 database.

The DJ also helps you plan the evening. Which toast is done when, and by whom? On the function he will also lead your MC through the events to thus ensure that the function runs smoothly.


Makiti’s well designed bar is located to the back of the function room and boasts a variety of options. Makiti is a licensed venue and therefore no liquor is allowed onto the premises. Pre-arranged corkage options are available by request only.

The bar is built in such a way that the long counter has ample space for guests to be served and has no barstools. (The ladies hate losing their men to a bar).

The bar instruction is discussed with the client prior to the function and then managed accordingly. Different options are available, e.g. cash bar, tab on specialised items or up to certain limits or times, open bar. Bar prices are very reasonable.

Wedding Expo 2019 Makiti

Buffet Section

The buffet section is an add-on to the function room opens onto the garden with concertina windows. The nice part about this is that Makiti don’t make any noise while guests take their seats or during speeches when they have to set main course in the buffet section (in the case of buffet menus). The area is spacious thus creating good flow and no congestion.

Makiti have a waiter serving the guest from behind every serving station on the buffet. To take the queuing out of the buffet idea, their coordinators invite every table to go to the buffet section to be served. It is also a more personalised service that impresses all the guests.

The fact that the food is not displayed on the dance floor means that they can leave main course out for at least 45 min after dinner to give the guests the opportunity to help themselves to seconds.


The veranda attached to the main hall hosts a number of possibilities. Apart from being an area where your guests can take a break from the dance floor, sip on a drink, catch a smoke while looking down on the most beautiful scenery, this area is mainly used to enlarge the capacity of the function room. So if you plan to invite a big group or if you just plan to have a huge dance floor, this veranda comes in very handy. Often they also get the request to do a part of the function under this covered area, to give you the feeling that you’re in the garden but safe in all weather conditions. In case of bad weather they can also serve the welcoming drink here (while the photos are being taken in our studio), or even have the “Chuppah” here in the case of Jewish weddings.


Makiti have ablution facilities inside the function room as well as outside in the gardens. The outside facilities are situated in the upper terrace where you also find the chapel and parking areas. The guests before the service and during the photo session mainly use these facilities. In the function room they also have more than adequate facilities, which also include disabled facilities.

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Flower Arrangements

Because Makiti want to guarantee a perfect wedding, they also have their own florist to assist you with all your requirements. Their golden rule is that the whole setting should be completed at least one hour before the guests are to arrive. We all like different flower arrangements, different types of flowers, and we all have different budgets. It is best to sit with their florist and discuss the perfect centrepiece for your tables.

Your flower arrangements can be done on a variety of stands and candelabras that belong to the florist and are used without additional cost to the flowers. This firstly saves you the cost of having to hire stands as well as the schlep and time to fetch them before the function and returning them afterwards. If you do need a stand or candelabra that she doesn’t have you are welcome to hire in, they can refer you to a few hiring companies.

The florist will also assist you in planning your flower arrangements that are done for the chapel in such a way that they can be utilised again in the function room. Unfortunately no other florists are allowed to be used.

The Sunset Venue

Makiti would also like to introduce to you their brand new “Sunset Venue” with its stunning fusion of art deco and romantic thatch. This venue watches over a mystique lake that reflects the burnt orange glow of the Highvelt sunset. The Sunset Venue is complimented with its own charming Honeymoon Suite that opens its sliding doors to a private pond, where you are woken by the splashing of the ducks greeting the new day.

Have you been here? Rate and review your experience below!

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