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Indulge In The Bustling City At These Maboneng Restaurants

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Amazing restaurants you need to visit when you want to indulge in the vibrant and bustling inner-city Maboneng.

Maboneng has to be one of the most love neighbourhoods in Johannesburg and it is no surprise that it has become the hub for tours, good vibes, unique experiences and people. As much as we love all this, we've got to eat right? So let's check out some cool Maboneng restaurants that you can visit.

Why Eat At Maboneng You Ask?

Well! Not only is Maboneng great for expressing our Rainbow Nation's essence and stew of culture, but Maboneng has a lot of diversity even in the restaurants it offers.

You get multitudes of options and can enjoy multiple cuisines, so let us explore the gems where you can find deliciousness.

Rooftop BBQ

Situated on the famous Main Street, sits Rooftop BBQ. They are all about the food and the ambience.

They go back to the roots of the "braai" element of our beautiful country, making mouthwatering meals that bring people together to enjoy lovely dishes.

Their rooftop is definitely a stunning setting, taking in the African sun while enjoying sundowners. They pride themselves in creating the best vibe in the city.

Rooftop BBQ & Boutique Wine


Chalkboard is a little gem situated below the famous The Bioscope and works hand-in-hand with the cinema and their amazing combo deal.

They have a generous variety of pizzas, nothing quite like a good fire-oven pizza. Not only that, but they also have salads, paninis and beverages.

The best thing about Chalkboard is that you can hit two birds with one stone.

Eat Your Heart Out

The name says it all with this beauty, Eat Your Heart Out will make you want to eat absolutely everything they have on their menu.

They cater Jewish inspired meals and their bakery goods are to die for. Their meals are wholesome, a must-visit indeed. You will be hooked.

Little Addis Cafe

Craving the scintillating tastes of Ethiopia? Little Addis Cafe has become a must in Joburg.

They are introducing everybody to Ethiopian cuisine, allowing guests to explore new flavours with delicious dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

They offer an awesome experience inspired by the Ethiopian traditions and warmth, something you definitely need to try.

Maboneng Restaurants

Market On Main

Sundays should be spent at Market On Main, and many come from all over Joburg to enjoy the incomparable food that they have here.

Here, you can find tons of stalls with different foods and cuisines. The aroma of the food calls you from outside the market. From the moment you enter, you can't help but drool.

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