Love Revo Review


Tswana Hippy went exploring and discovered this little gem of an eatery.

The city is a wonderful place; her cosmopolitan flair and striking attitude bleed out into everything about her, which always makes exploring her an adventure. On one of my recent adventures through her belly I discovered Love Revo, a bistro that’s brought a youthful offering to the Maboneng community.

Love Revo makes some of the most delicious food I’ve tasted in Maboneng, in tapas portions. I went with a colleague to let off some steam on a Friday and we feasted like kings on the meat platter. Firstly, the presentation was godly; the amount of care put into the aesthetics of the food couldn’t go unnoticed. This was something that was consistent with every plate that came out of the kitchen – I was ready to devoir everything. The meat was fresh and juicy, crammed with flavour and prepared to perfection – there’s nothing as annoying as tough meat. Every bite was better than the last and will give you an incentive to keep eating, even when you begin to flirt with being gluttonous.


As you already know Maboneng is a creative space; it’s home to Joburg’s creatives and inventiveness seems to be part of its culture, which in turn, spills into the food at Love Revo. Each dish is named after the different places in Maboneng that brings her to life. There’s the Main Street Life boboties (made from kudu meat), the Fox Street frikkadels, the Artisan Lofts lamb chops, the Access City pork belly, Common Ground halloumi, Living Room sliders, Commissioner Street pap and the Arts on Main desserts. If you’ve been to any of those places in Maboneng, then it makes browsing the menu an experience on its own.

I think Love Revo is going to be the place to be in summer. It’s a gem. The restaurant is based in an old shipping container with most of the seating space being situated outside and on the rooftop. From Thursday night and through the weekend there’s a DJ on the premises, luring in vibrant urban patrons. On Sundays you can make your way there for a ridiculously tasty meal, a bottle of wine and live music.

The bar is always stacked and the energy is something worth experiencing… so do yourself a favour and give the carnivore in you something to feast on.

Operating times: Monday – Sunday: 11:00 – 22:00

Click here for more information.

Have you been to Love Revo before? Let us know what you think of the joint in the comments section below. Share this with someone – maybe they’ll stick you for lunch at Love Revo this Sunday… you never know.


By Tswana Hippy

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