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Loof Coffee Opens In Linden

Loof Coffee Opens In Linden

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Coffee lovers, we've got some super exciting news for you. Loof Coffee is expanding their brand with a new franchise in Linden. You can expect all the same specialty coffees, tasty treats, and premium service but in a whole new neighbourhood. Read on to find out more. 

Coffee culture is huge on Joburg. One of the city's most renowned coffee hot spots is Loof Coffee. First opened in Norwood, Loof has now established itself as a firm franchise. Their Greenside branch booms with early morning coffee addicts and gig workers, while their original Norwood home has cemented itself as a community hub. Loof recently announced that they will be opening a third branch in trendy Linden. While they haven't given an exact opening date, they've teased a new sneak peaks at the new location on their Instagram page. Here's what we've been able to gleam from their secretive posts.

The new Loof Coffee in Linden will be opening soon.

The Same Great Coffee

Loof Coffee is best known for its premium coffee selection. Their coffee is roasted by the best roasters in the country and is always made with absolute care. The Loof motto is "every cup matters", which is evident in the full-bodied flavour and delicate froth of each and every one of their coffees. It doesn't matter whether you are a cortado, cappuccino or café mocha kind of person, Loof has mastered them all. Their menu also features an enticing collection of frozen drinks, freshly pressed juices, and soothing Toni teas. An absolute must-try is the cheat day freezo – a sweet blend of espresso, caramel, condensed milk and cream. It's a sure fire way to kick starting your Loof Coffee addiction!

The Loof franchise is also renowned for its unique take on dairy milk alternatives. They offer a variety of plant-based milks including oat milk and coconut milk on their menu. Plus, their creative team frequently come up with tasty new coconut-based drinks to spice up your morning cuppa. We've heard great things about the iced dirty Chai with coconut milk and coconut sprinkles. If you're on a health kick, be sure to check out their nutritious smoothies and health shots. Both Loof Norwood and Greenside are popular post-workout hangouts. No doubt that Loof Linden is sure to follow in these footsteps.

Loof Coffee

The Loof Coffee Malawach Foldover.

Tasty Treats

We've listed Loof Coffee as one of our top spots to get unique and indulgent desserts in Joburg for good reason. Their desserts are Insta-worthy to say the least. Think ice cream filled croissants topped with chocolate ganache or salted caramel. If that isn't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, order one of their signature bubble waffles. These delicious treats come topped with all assortment of goodies, including toasted marshmallows, ice cream and sprinkles. Paired with a piping hot coffee, this is simply heaven on earth.

The Loof ethos is all about balance, which is why they've got a number of health-conscious and nutritious meals on their menu as well. Their breakfast offerings include hearty omelets, open toasts, and crunchy granola bowls served with fresh fruit and yoghurt. Our top pick off the menu is the Malawach Foldover - a layered pan-fried flatbread, eaten any time of the day with a multitude of toppings. It's the perfect way to start, or end off, your day. We expect that the new Linden branch will offer all this and a whole lot more, so keep an eye on their social media pages to stay up to date with developments. We look forward to meeting you there!

For More Information 

Loof Norwood: 85 Iris Road, Norwood, Johannesburg | (Tel) 072 819 3650

Loof Greenside: 38 Gleneagles Road, Greenside, Johannesburg | (Tel) 079 865 0930


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