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Little Belgium - Bringing That Waffle Magic To Benoni

Little Belgium - Bringing That Waffle Magic To Benoni

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Finding gourmet Belgian waffles can be a mission. Especially, when you have the kids packed up in the back of the car, kicking and screaming for those golden, syrupy morsels. Luckily, Benoni now has one of the coolest unicorn-themed waffle houses right on its doorstep. Check out Little Belgium the next time that waffle craving comes knocking. 

Little Belgium is Benoni's newest waffle house and play centre. Situated at Flamingo's Nest Guest House, this gourmet waffle station opened its doors in October 2019. Little Belgium is all about the humble, but timeless, waffle. Offering waffle breakfasts, sweet, savoury and wacky options to delight your senses, their food ethos maintains that fresh is best, meaning that all their meals are prepared from scratch each day. In addition, Little Belgium caters to your dietary needs, including gluten and egg intolerance, as well as for those on sugar-free diets.

If that wasn't enough to entice you to take a trip to the east of the city, then check out Little Belgium's designer milkshakes! They also have ample space for the kids to play. So, bring the whole family along for a fun-filled afternoon.

Little Belgium

Pastel Perfection

Little Belgium's decor is reminiscent of something straight out of a unicorn paradise, decorated in funky pastel colours and cute hand-drawn stickers of milkshakes, ice cream and, of course, waffles. There is fair seating space inside, but there may be more outdoor tables near the play area in time. The kids will surely be enchanted by this wonderland, as well as by the jungle gyms outside. These wooden structures look exactly like a pirate adventure paradise. Little ones will have a ball indulging their imaginations and their tummies at Little Belgium.

The menu for little ones is simple, offering a classic cheese and tomato toastie, scrambled eggs and bacon on a crispy waffle and a crispy golden waffle topped with vanilla ice cream and syrup. Kiddies can also enjoy a selection of traditional milkshakes, including chocolate, strawberry, lime, bubblegum and vanilla.

Little Belgium

The Waffle, Turned On Its Head

We bet you have never thought to use a waffle as a burger patty or curry side dish. Thankfully, Little Belgium's cooks have enough creativity and gall for the whole of Benoni. Introducing their oddly appealing selection of savoury waffles, from Thai Vegetable Curry, to Butter Chicken and Beef Tagliatta, they have thrown out the proverbial 'box'. However, we think that the Flamingo's Flaming Chicken Burger is a must-try, tender grilled chicken breast, on a bed of mixed greens, topped off with crispy bacon, avocado and feta. Sandwiched between two golden waffles, sweet chilli dressing and served with a side of your choice. Washed down with a Salted Caramel designer milkshake, this may just be waffle perfection.

Now, we know that some of you are sticklers for tradition. That's where the Little Belgium Classic Waffle comes in - crispy golden waffle, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and maraschino cherries. But if you are feeling a little risque, try the Waffle a La Smores - a waffle, topped with dark chocolate, bruleed marshmallow and vanilla ice cream!

Little Belgium are just starting out their culinary and service journey. So, why not pay them a visit to help them on their way to success. Follow their social media pages to post your reviews and compliments:

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For More Information

Visit the Little Belgium website for more information.

Details: Flamingo’s Nest Boutique Hotel, Corner Dove & Boundary Road, Rynfield, Benoni AH | 082 886 3996 | [email protected]


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