Fashion Forward And Fabulous LISOF – The School Of Fashion

Time to put the thread in the needle with the Fashion Forward And Fabulous LISOF – The School Of Fashion in Blairegowrie.

If there was ever a world where fashion could breathe life onto the stage, and capture all of the elements that bring fashion together. It would be LISOF – School OF Fashion.

They pride themselves in being leaders in fashion education. They have created a school known to many and loved in the the industry.

LISOF Blairegowrie

Thread In The Needle

LISOF is situated in a secluded suburb called Blairgowrie. We can agree that gems are hidden and this school is certainly a gem that you want to find.

With a reputability of being ahead of the game and fashion forward, it’s no surprise that every aspiring designer wants to be a part of the school. The school has proven to be a place that equips students with more than just making beautiful garments. LISOF offers disciplines that bring fashion and the business of fashion together.

The school offers diverse courses that allow you to explore what works for you. Not only that, you will be surrounded by like-minded people. People who love fashion, the influential elements that contribute towards the fashion industry such as media, photography, makeup, retail and the holistic business side of fashion.

Their aim is to create a space that allows students to tap into their creativity and conceptualisation.

LISOF Blairegowrie

Why You Need To LISOF It?

LISOF is recognised as the most progressive fashion school in Africa, paving a way for students who want a reputable brand and qualification behind them.

The courses that the school offers comprise of:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion
  • Bachelor of Commerce, 
  • Diploma or Higher Certificate in Fashion, 
  • Higher Certificate in Retail Fashion 
  • Short Courses in Fashion
  • BA Honours

LISOF is not just about teaching, they actually allow students to do practicals for marks and create pieces that students can use to start building their portfolio.

They also work at equipping students and shaping them for the working industry.

LISOF Blairegowrie

The Fun Of It All

The school has an annual fashion show that has proven to be a massive success.

Every year produces a bigger and better standard in the fashion industry. The fashion show shows off the incomparable talent that South Africa and the youth have to offer.

They also have exciting projects that challenge students to create and showcase. One of their authentic projects was the denim showcase at the Rosebank Sunday Market. All of these platforms are used to prepare students for the real world.

“South Africa has a rich vein of creative talent, which LISOF has been instrumental in exploring over the past two-and-a-half decades,” says CEO Shana Rosenthal. “Our success is attributable to developing and delivering curricula that are relevant, progressive and forward thinking in line with the needs of the fashion industry. The combination of the educational concept of work-integrated learning and the economic principle of intrapreneurship into the LISOF honours programme is another example of our commitment to the future of fashion.”

The Over Lock 

LISOF – School Of Fashion is a world of exploring, experimenting, creating and defining and bettering your abilities. So check them out.

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