KwaLichaba Chesa Nyama

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Kwa Lichaba is situated on the famous Vilakazi Street in Soweto. 

This chesa nyama and car wash on is located on the famous and trendy Vilakazi Street in Orlando.

Here, you get everything from a lovely chesa nyama that boasts a braai master that serves well-spiced meat, pap and chakalaka that hits the right spots, a bar serving refreshments to quench your thirst.

KwaLichaba offers a vibrant vibe, live music, great entertainment and a car wash service that is usually filled up with classy German sedans.

This spot makes a chill spot on laid back Saturday, that eventually reveals a pumping party as the night progresses.

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One comment on “KwaLichaba Chesa Nyama”

  1. Exceptional place. I always brag bout the kind of fun I have there. You can't go wrong with that place. Great good, lovely people, good music.

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