Join the Vitality Open & Get Rewarded!


Let the rewards begin! Open to ALL South Africans for 10 weeks only, don’t miss out on the Vitality Open where you will get rewarded for completing goals, being healthy and driving better. Keep reading to find out how you can participate. 

Anyone Can Join, Everyone Wins!

Vitality’s core purpose is to encourage everyone to exercise to improve their health, as well as drive their car in a way that keeps them safe. And to get you on the right track, there’s the Vitality Active Rewards app with its personalised nature and dynamic individual goals.

When app users achieve their goals, they qualify for a range of rewards from smoothies and coffees to shopping vouchers and discounts on flights, running shoes and fitness-tracking devices. Talk about motivation! This programme and its incentives – which focus on healthy eating and regular health screenings – ensure you keep on top of your health and safety, which contributes to you living a longer and healthier life.

Discovery Vitality


Quick fact: Vitality members using the Vitality Active Rewards app have been shown to increase their frequency of physical activity by 24% and, when exercising, tend to exercise at a higher intensity. There has also been a 41% reduction in the number of harsh driving incidents for those who earn Vitality Active Rewards each week for driving well.

For 10 weeks only, ALL South Africans can experience Vitality by downloading the Discovery app and exercising and driving well to earn rewards for LIFE. Anyone and everyone can get rewarded – even if you aren’t a Discovery Vitality member. Score!

Discovery Vitality

Here’s How You Can Join

To participate, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Discovery app or simply scan the QR code below
  2. Achieve your fitness and driving goals to earn plays on a game board
  3. For each play, reveal a tile on the game board to earn Vitality reward points
  4. Spend these points on rewards of your choice from a range of partners
  5. That’s it!

DiscoveryVitality QR code

What’s Up For Grabs?

Participants can treat themselves every week with rewards such as half-price coffees, smoothies or charity donations OR they can save up their Vitality reward points to choose bigger and better rewards which include online shopping rewards, tech accessories and even dream holidays!

Discovery Vitality

There are also instant prizes hidden behind rare tiles on the game board. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you can win an instant reward like a cash prize, international flight, fitness device or grocery voucher.

If you reveal a diamond on the game board, you’ll go into a draw to win incredible prizes like fuel, tyres, Golden Circle concert tickets, Uber rides, Nando’s meals, running shoes, HealthyFood and the latest iPhone – for LIFE.

Vitality Open hopes to inspire individuals to start their journey to healthier, safer living.

Discovery Vitality

For More Information

For more information about the Vitality Open or Discovery Vitality, visit

Also, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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