Johnny Guitar Drive In Saves The South African Road House

The golden age of diners, rock ‘n roll, and awesome greasy food returns as famed musician Johnny Kongos  relaunches their family roadhouse in Alberton.

Image: Johnny Guitar, Facebook

After almost disappearing off the grid, there’s one South African roadhouse that’s risen like a phoenix from the ashes and taken its rightful place on the throne. This is somewhat breaking news, so bare with us. On 10 July 2018, the South African/ American rock band KONGOS posted on Facebook that their parents had transformed a roadhouse their grandmother, Sylvia Kongos, opened in 1955, into something called Johnny Guitar Drive In. An ode to years passed; the golden age of rock ‘n roll, if you will, Johnny Guitar Drive In is a neon light-clad eatery located in Alberton complete with a sit down restaurant as well parking lot service.

Image: Johnny Guitar, Facebook

More to follow. But for now, hang out on the official  Johnny Guitar Drive In. Check it out when you have a chance! The relaunch was completed on 02 January 2018.

Address: 57 Voortrekker Road, Alberton, Gauteng

By Shawn Greyling

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