Johannesburg Planetarium

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The planetarium hosts about 70 000 visitors per year who come to view numerous displays, and engage in tours, lectures and workshops.

Situated in Milner Park, the planetarium serves as an academic and educational centre for scholars, researchers and academics who study astronomy.

Most visitors are school children and they are taught about the star signs, while older children are taught about the movement of the moon and how it changes in relation to the earth. Adults are able to explore astronomy in more detail.

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The Johannesburg Planetarium is a planetarium owned by the University of the Witwatersrand, located on the University’s East Campus in Braamfontein.

  • Venue Name:
    Johannesburg Planetarium
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  • Location:

    Yale Road Entrance 10, Wits Campus, Off Empire Road, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

  • Opening Hours:
    Every Monday 7pm Sky Tonight Fridays 8pm Cosmic Origins Saturdays 10:30am Space Travel (5-8yrs) Saturdays 3pm Cosmic Origins
  • Entertainment:
    Outdoor & Animal Outings

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kiltmaker2 Says:

Located on the west side of the city near the Motorway which connecting Johannesburg & Pretoria, Motorist towards Johannesburg could see this Building stand tall next to this highway.

Dilip M Says:

This show has not changed for the last 20 years as they as still using the same stale pictures from the apartheid era. The pictures are faded and really boring. My kids were totally uninspired by...

RubinVanNiekerk Says:

Going to the Planetarium is always interesting and educational,whether the focus is on UFO's or the Southern Hemisphere as seen from the Karoo. Beautiful! No clouds or smog.

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