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Christmas Party

Sunday, 25th of November 2007

Johannesburg General Hospital School is a school of hope. Many children for various reasons are left to either live at the hospital, or spend most days between the sterile walls of the hospital, in and out of treatment or waiting years for things like a kidney transplants.

In the midst of this very trying lifestyle for these kids, there is a glimmer of normality which can be found at the Hospital School, which is run by angels. Children of all ages are educated in classes together, so they are not completed left behind by society. It is a school of love that supports them through their illnesses, and still allows them to be children. If you visit them, you will know that their school day is their escape from reality. Unfortunately, they are still surrounded by the white wash and sterile smells of the hospital and just don’t get a chance to get out and away from this sad life. So when better than Christmas?

Fortunately, for the third time, the great South African spirit has helped create a much needed break from the hospital for these kids, and a celebration of life that they so desperately need. All 90 Children are going to be hosted on Sunday, 25th of November 2007 for what will be a very memorable day for them all.

If you would like to participate on this very special day, here are the opportunities:

To sponsor a child for the day R250.

Hopes are to use last year’s venue, but if anyone has any ideas of a new venue please let them know!

Transport for the children to the venue and back to the hospital.

Entertainment – they would love to get the cast of Lion King to come and sing to the kids – if anyone knows anyone who might be able to help with this please let them know! Or if you know of any party entertainers - e.g. clowns.

Food donation for lunch.

Books - they want to donate a whole library of reading books / text books etc to the school!

Volunteers – to socialise with the children on the day! If it's a sunny day there will be soccer balls and cricket kit’s to entertain the older boys!

Visit the links alongside for more information.


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