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Jack Parow - What's He Been Up To?

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Jack Parow (Zander Tyler) is a musical innovator – an edgy and wildly successful Afrikaans rapper with a talent for an unforgettable turn of phrase. Born and bred in Durbanville, Cape Town, Jack has toured the globe and collaborated with a wide range of artists. We chat with him to learn more about his upcoming album and his European festival - PAROW FEST.

Hi Jack Parow! Congratulations on your 40th birthday. How did you celebrate?

Thanks! I had a party at one of the original jols from when I just moved to Cape Town, The Shack. Had a bunch of kiddies’ rides, a spit braai, some DJs and a claw machine full of magic mushrooms. It was fun fun FUN!

You recently went on a spiritual retreat to the Knysna forest. Describe that process and what insights did you gain about yourself?

On my birthday last year, after all the craziness of Covid-19 and lockdown and the intense stress that went with it, I just wasn’t in the best space and decided to go to a retreat called “Awaken the Journey”, in the Knysna forest. It consisted of plant medicines, meditation and a hero’s dose of psilocybin. It was the best thing I’ve ever done and it changed my life. I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from PTSD, depression or just needs to get their mind realigned.

jack parow parowfest 2018 © Robin Looy-37

Jack Parow. Parowfest 2018.© Robin Looy.

Explain your initiative to release a new single on the 22nd of every month for 12 months, leading up to the release of your new full-length album, Die Evangelie van Goeie Tye (The Gospel of Good Times) in 2023.

My birthday was on 22/02/2022 and it felt like such a strong number. I also really felt like after two years of kak, it was time for a year of good vibes and good times. So that’s what I’m doing, giving everyone a present every month for a year, a lekker tune, a psalm, an ode to letting go and just having a good time.

Your PAROW FEST festivals in Europe sounds amazing! Tell us more about them.

I feel privileged to be able to not only have my own festival, but hosting it in ANOTHER COUNTRY, and selling it out year after year. It’s really mind blowing! It’s once again just a festival dedicated to showcasing South Africa, the talent we have and the vibe we bring. It’s big and it’s crazy, just like our country, and PS: we are currently looking at bringing it to South Africa next year so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Parow Live_Sean Brand_HR

Parow Live. © Sean Brand.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Just thank you to everyone for the support and the love over the last 13 years. Ek is lief vir julle. Here's to many more years of making music, moeilikheid and magic mushrooms. Here's to the gospel of good times, Die Evangelie van Goeie Tye, the psalms to stay calm and the hymns of happy times!

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Written by Simon Matthews.


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