Interview With Nambitha “Lady Nam” Ben-Mazwi

Actress and philanthropist Nambitha Ben Mazwi should be everyone’s Woman Crush Everyday, and here’s why…

Interview With Nambitha "Lady Nam" Ben-Mazwi

She Comes In Peace

So, we went on a date and had a heart to heart with Lady Nam, as some would call her, and we were freaking out, to be honest… In the end, though, we handled it pretty well.

Lady Nam

Remember her from international productions like Madiba and Black Mirror, to mention just a few? Yep, that was our date! So, we are the new qualified “kool kids” on the block. Apart from being a big-name superstar and a beautiful woman, we got to know about the exciting things she has been up to.


Apart from being an actress Nambitha expressed with a twinkle in her eye how much she enjoys helping those around her, and how much of a change there is still to make in the world. She said that sometimes people may think you are being naive when you say you want to change the world, but they tend to forget that the world is just outside your doorstep, and that if you can help someone outside your doorstep – whether be it from making someone smile or giving where you can – that is the superpower we possess. With that alone you can help change the world.

Lady Nam Blanket Drive

She also opened up about things that are sensitive and close to her heart, dwelling on how she finds her passion in being the light to kids and them being a light in her life as well, which is why she became involved with News Cafe’s CSI #NewsForChange and together they started the blanket drives. And that she’s learning how to use her own brand and platform to reach out to people and educate those who follow her all with the help of News Cafe.


One of Lady Nam’s passions is helping women and especially young girls find their voice, and having a ‘sister’ to talk to. With the rise of depression in our society, just being an ear and sharing one’s experiences with other people has a great impact. She says being regarded as a celebrity may be confused with not being affected by what happens out there, but insists that is not true. So, she uses her platform to communicate the notion that she is affected in the same way as other young people, especially women. This is why #SheSpeaks was birthed.

Watch the video below to find out more about the beautiful Lady Nam and her journey in pursuing what makes her happy and how she’s changing other people’s lives through the initiatives she is involved in.

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