Where To Go For Instagram Worthy Content In Joburg

Spaza Art Gallery

The Spaza Art Gallery is a very eclectic and unique space where artists and public alike gather. Located in Troyeville, the NPO showcases up-and-coming artists. The quirkiness of this gallery makes for amazing photographs and content, both inside and out. Just make sure you support the artists as well.

Morrell's Boutique Venue

Okay, hands down, this has to be my FAVOURITE place on this list. If you're looking for a French countryside Manor-house vibe, Morrell's Boutique Venue is for you! Many are familiar with the wedding venue, but just down the road, you'll find their restaurant where you can have lunch. This place screams luxury, but trust me when I say that your pictures will be AMAZING! The lush garden is the perfect place for a photo-op. Just watch out for the chickens occasionally roaming around.

The Living Room

The Living Room in Maboneng is one of the best places to go to for content. This rooftop bar offers splendid views of Johannesburg, so you couldn't ask for a better backdrop. And don't even get me started on the concrete jungle feel of it. It's completely inundated with plants, which gives it concrete jungle vibes truly worthy of an urban oasis.

55 At Workshop 55

Some restaurants make great backdrops for content. Workshop 55 is one of those restaurants. The restaurant, 55, has a quirky nature, which is very aesthetically pleasing. Think 1930s Miami, with an added whimsical touch. Don't be afraid to enjoy a cocktail too.

Nirox Sculpture Park

Nature and landscapes are nearly unbeatable when you are looking for the perfect background for your photo content. Add a few sculptures in the mix and you have perfection! The Nirox Sculpture Park is open to visitors every weekend to enjoy. The park was a commercial trout breeding and fishing farm, which was transformed into a unique platform for the exhibition of outdoor sculptures and installations. With all this at hand, add a little creativity and you could have amazing content.

Beechwood Gardens

Honestly, the Beechwood Gardens are absolutely beautiful. This three and a half acre tranquil sanctuary is on a private residence, so it's not readily available, but once every season, they open up the gates to the garden for a market. Check out their Facebook page for their next event, so you don't miss out on this breathtaking scenery.

Northcliff Hill

Okay so when you talk about a view, you probably think Nortcliff Hill! This location has the best view of Johannesburg. Beware, it is a little hike up the hill, but it's definitely worth it! You'll definitely feel like you're on top of the world.

Keyes Art Mile

If you haven't been to the Keyes Art Mile yet, what are you waiting for!? Located in Rosebank, it is the major art hub in Johannesburg as it houses CIrca Gallery, Everard Read and much more. In the centre of it all is Trumpet Building. The Trumpet is an absolute architectural marvel! Go for the dope content potential, but stay for the art!

Circa Gallery

I had to devote an entire post to Circa alone, because have you seen the architecture? The entrance alone is dreamy. And with it's winding staircase, featuring those metallic fins in the background, you'll have content that everyone will envy! As mentioned before, this gallery is in the Keyes Art Mile in Rosebank and is one of the major galleries in Johannesburg. Again, go for the content, stay for the art!

Graffiti Walls And Street Art

It goes without question that graffiti makes for a perfect, edgy backdrop for pictures. It may be a cliche, but the results are great every time. It also helps that the city is full of them! There's so many that we don't have to mention any in particular. Just make sure you watch out for cars and passers-by going about their business. Check these street arts around the city.

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