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Best Ice-Cream Parlours At The Zone @ Rosebank

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Indulge in some of the best desserts that the country has to offer and you can find all these Ice-Cream Parlours in The Zone @ Rosebank.

Sad? Happy? Want to make it up to someone with a delicious treat? Well, ice-cream is the best solution. Movies have created the stereotype that ice-cream is the go-to food when you are heartbroken, but the reality is, we all know we love it for every emotion and occasion.

So, we were thinking: where is the best place to indulge in some delicious ice-cream? The Zone @ Rosebank. The question still remains: where exactly?

We have all the answers you need and they are all delicious. Let's take a look at these ice-cream spots that will have you weak at the knees.

Ice-Cream Rosebank

Paul's Homemade Ice-Cream

Paul's, as it is known, began with the most pure and humble beginnings. A birthday gift turned into a little heaven for many to come and enjoy the best ice-cream.

Paul's Homemade Ice-Cream is always there to save the day, and surely made everyone's year when they finally opened up shop at The Zone @ Rosebank. Tucked away in a cute store, it's a must visit.

They have a generous offering of unique flavours such as roasted banana, birthday cake, butterscotch and brownie, apple pie and lots more. If you know that you are indecisive then you can just be spontaneous and go for their pick of the month.

There is a lot to enjoy, so make a date with yourself and a scoop.

Ice-Cream Rosebank

Plan B Dessertery

Plan B as many would call it, is an awesome ice-cream spot to enjoy yummy ice-cream.

They have been able to change the perception of the conventional ice-cream by adding unique and delicious twists that make it all worth while. Plan B's innovative ideas are great for someone who is looking to explore. Their signature touch is their waffle cones and tacos - an ultimate favourite.

Ice-Cream Rosebank

Situated at the food court in The Zone @ Rosebank, you won't miss it. Just look for the cute turquoise colour coordinated shop and heaven awaits.

Sweets From Heaven

Sweets From Heaven has been around for many years and still has delicious ice-cream to this very day.

At this sweet spot, you get to create your own dessert, adding whatever you like or simply go for their fixed options. Offering the traditional soft serve to an extravagant cone made by you. They have a wide variety of ingredients that you can choose from and add on your ice-cream (at a cost of course).

Sweet From Heaven is truly a slice of heaven.

Ice-Cream Rosebank


Häagen-Dazs are passionate about making good quality ice-cream and creating the best combinations. Each of their offerings are to-die-for.

Their gourmet offerings are creative and each unique to its own, we're talking brownie explosion, paradise and many more. They also have traditional options which include chocolate, vanilla, some with a twist like the cookie dough chip and a select option of mouthwatering sorbets.

Häagen-Dazs also has some cute tubs for you to take home.

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