Homemade Baby Food Businesses


Whether you’re a super-busy mom or just need a helping hand with supper, here are some businesses specialising in homemade baby food to check out.

Baby Tastes

Baby Tastes is a range of easy, nutritious, healthy food ideal for babies, toddlers and moms. Introducing your baby to solids can seem daunting and overwhelming but with Baby Tastes there is a specific meal range perfect for your baby or toddler. You can introduce solids any time between four and six months if your baby is ready and if advised by your pediatric sister or paediatrician. But why choose Baby Tastes? Well, if the fact that it’s 100% homemade, free of additives, stabilisers, preservatives and colourants, and has no added sugar or salt doesn’t convince you, then perhaps the convenience and easy storage will. Best still, food can be frozen for up to two months.

Orchard Baby

Stored in BPA-free glass jars to seal in the freshness and goodness, Orchard Baby offers 100% natural and wholesome food for babies from the age of six months and older. Only natural and fresh ingredients are used to make the food without any preservatives, colourants, artificial flavours, sugar or stabilisers. Orchard Baby products are also dairy free, and their ranges cater to babies from six months +, nine months +, and 12 months +. You can find Orchard Baby food meal ranges from the Baby City outlets in Craighall and Kensington.



For food carefully designed to meet the nutritional needs of babies of specific ages, ensuring that taste and texture is introduced correctly at each vital stage, Bumbles baby food range is the brand to buy. Bumbles baby food is unsalted, unsweetened, fresh, pure, nutrient-rich, preservative-free, and contains no thickeners or fillers without nutritional value. It also has no GM or artificial ingredients. Bumbles will soon be offering dairy yoghurts for babies aged six months and over, and will have added prebiotics, specially designed for little tummies. The prebiotic will stimulate the growth and/or activity of bacteria in the colon and aids in the formation of your little one’s digestive system.

Little Foodie

Little Foodie uses only the best quality fresh produce, which means their food does not contain any added sugar, salt and starchy fillers that dilute the nutritional content. Their baby food range is homemade and quickly frozen to lock in all the natural goodness and nutritional value. Their first range, catering to babies that are six months, is called Little Creamy and consists of carrots, sweet potato, gem, butternut, apple and pear. Stage two, catering to babies from eight months, is called Little Gooey and consists of a wider variety. Then there’s stage three, from 10 months, which is called Little Chewy. It’s textured and combines flavours blended together for maximum nutrition. It is the healthiest and most convenient way to teach your baby to chew.


Know of other great homemade baby food businesses not mentioned above? Let us know below.

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