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While it’s close to impossible to provide a comprehensive list of all the hobby shops in Joburg, we thought we’d start with some of the most popular stores and promise that we’ll keep adding to the list. If you’re looking to try something new or need something crafty for the kids to do, have a browse and get started.


Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking

Paper craft and scrapbooking is a hobby that has taken off in a big way over the last five to 10 years, and we’ve found some awesome resources to get you started or keep you inspired.


For the best online range of patterned paper books, single sheets, glitter paper, balsa wood, stickers and stamps, Shop-n-Scrap is on point. They also keep specialised paper cutting machines and the blades and accessories that go with them, and they deliver in record time. Before you know it, you’ll be ordering half the shop. Click for paper joy.  


Paper Café

If you’re looking for the perfect paper to print your wedding invitations, business cards or brochures on, you’ve come to the right place. It’s hard to tell how comprehensive their paper range is from their website, so we recommend you pay them a visit in Rosebank. Order a cup of tea and allow yourself some time to take in all the glitter, colour and card stock options. It’s a feast for the eyes! Here’s the website link. 

The Scrapbook Den

For those of you who are keen to take up scrapbooking as a hobby, The Scrapbook Den provides classes for all ages and stages. Surrounded by a massive range of scrapbooking bits and bobs, you’re also bound to be super inspired to create something amazing. Pop in for a visit and to find out more about this creative pastime. Here’s all the info.

Model Building

Don’t be fooled into thinking that model building is like playing with toys. Far from it. This hobby requires serious skill, dexterity and patience, which is why participants get such a thrill out of finishing a build. From exact replica model trains, cars, helicopters, jets and even battleships, there’s a model for every enthusiast, so check out one of these stores and start tinkering.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

From off-road to on-road cars, monster trucks, high-speed boats and Scalextric sets, this physical and online store has loads of options for creating some healthy competition through racing. One test drive and you’ll be hooked. Check them out here.

model train hobby

Aerial Concepts

If you’re already a bit of a model aficionado, this online store allows you to browse by manufacturer for everything from motors to decals, foams, blades, bearings, batteries and drive shafts. We suppose that only sounds like Greek if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here’s the link for the professionals.

Model Train Shop

The man behind this hobby shop, Rinke Blok, is a well-known and respected authority on the subject of model train building. From Schlesien Modelle Locomotives to replicas of old South African train stations, he’s got it all and, even if he doesn’t, he’ll know where to find it. It’s totally worth paying him a visit for some coffee and advice on your first or next train build. Find all the info here.

Art, Craft, Decoupage, Mosaic

Everyone is an artist. Seriously. You’ve just got to sit down with the right supplies and let your inner creative take charge. Stock up on some art and craft accessories from these stores and let loose.


Having opened in 2010, Jems is a hobby store where everyone knows what they’re doing. Specialists in a range of crafts, including beading, decoupage, laser cutting and vinyl, they have a smaller range of supplies, but offer loads of expertise, which is why they’re worth visiting. If you’re looking for something specific, give them a phone call before you go, just in case they don’t stock the item – details on the Jems website.

paint hobby

Herbert Evans

If you’re an artist or crafter, a visit to Herbert Evans is like going to a candy store. There’s canvasses and paper in every shape and size, paint brushes that feel like velvet, paints, pens, charcoals, pastels, inks and pencils in every conceivable shade – it’s everything your creative heart could ever desire, all under one roof. Look out for their annual 50% off sale on their website and get stocked up.

Mosaic Madness

For wood trays, frames, mirrors and boxes, as well as 400-plus tiles to choose from, Mosaic Madness has goods for beginner and professional tilers. They also offer a range of mosaic classes and provide “starter packs” which can be used for children’s or adult art parties. As a side note, you can also have them transform your favourite photo into a mosaic artwork. How cool? Get all the details here.

Baking & Chocolate Making

Watch any cooking or bake-off show these days and you’ll agree that baking has become an art form. Whether you’re a puff-pastry professional or wanting to try your hand at rainbow-centred cakes or chocolate truffles, these baking supply shops have got the goods you need to take on the hobby.

The Chocolate Den

The Chocolate Den has been around since the 80s and, as a kid, it was the most exciting shop to visit – ever! Well, nothing much has changed. It’s still a thrill to dig through hundreds of chocolate moulds, gold glitters and slabs on slabs of pure heaven. They offer an extensive range of other baking supplies too, and they offer classes – here’s their website.


The Bakers Warehouse

Boasting everything you need for baking, including some of the ingredients, this one-stop shop has colourants, cookie cutters, candies and cake boards. There’s also baking trays, icing and plungers to create really personalised delights. Who knows, you might just be South Africa’s next best baker? Check out the link to baking heaven.


At Kadies’ online store you can order all the baking equipment your pocket can handle, and then some. There’s spatulas and spoons for icing of cakes; cutters of all shapes and sizes; and spheres and tins for every edible creation you can conjure up. There’s also pre-mixes and other ingredients if you’re looking to make your baking experience a little easier. Click for the full experience.


One of our favourite hobbies, we recently reviewed the best camera shops around town ­– check out the article here.

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Where are your favourite hobby shops in Joburg? Let us know below!



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