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Hiking Spots In The Vaal Triangle

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The Vaal Triangle is 'just down the road' from Joburg and there are some great hiking opportunities there. Check out these awesome trails we've handpicked for you.

Smilin' Thru Resort

For a chilled hike, head to the Smilin' Thru Resort where you can get lost in the beauty of nature of the Vaal Triangle and the Vredefort Dome World Heritage site. For those who would like to stay overnight, there are fully catered hotels, self-catering chalets as well as camping and caravan sites.

Find more information here.


This game lodge is lined by the Vaal River and the hills and crates created by the Vredefort meteor. The moderate hike follows a trail left by the meteorite to the kommandonek. This is a very scenic hike, with the many bird species, wild herbivores, trees, meteor site and Vaal river.

Find more information here.



One of the country's most renowned hiking trails would be the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve. Bring a pair of binocs and compliment your stroll by some bird watching along the way. Trails can be shortened to suit your needs - to as little as 1 km. Be sure to bring an ample amount of drinking water... seeing as we live in Africa, after all.

For more info, contact 011 439 6300.

The Savannah Africa

If you are in the mood for a tranquil hike surrounded by all the beauties of nature, then head on over to The Savannah Africa in Parys. This nature reserve and educational facility boasts many of South Africa's buck such as springbok, impala, kudu, nyala, blesbok and waterbuck. They also have buffalo, giraffe and wildebeest.

Find more information here.


Klipkraal Hiking Trail

This hiking trail nears the Suikerbosrand and therefore has the same biome of rocky highveld and grass. The hike includes two trails, the panorama and the kraal. The panorama winds through grass lands and a few hills and offers amazing views of the Vaal Dam, surrounding areas and even a bit of wildlife. This is followed by the kraal trail which passes by the old huts, hence the name, where you can learn a bit about the Ghoya Tribe who lived there during the Iron Age.

For more information, contact 016 327 1432.

Vredefort Dome

Whether you are in the mood for an hour's walk, a good 10 km hike or a weekend away, head to the Vredefort Dome. Thanks to a massive meteorite that hit South Africa, we now have one of the most interesting hiking spots in the world. It's so incredible that celebrities come to hang out in its undergrowth to escape the limelight. As with all hikes, be sure to bring a backpack, an emergency first aid kit, sunscreen and lots of water. Cellphone reception bails in and out at the Dome.

Find more information here.


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