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Help Your Local Animal Shelter Survive The Winter Chill

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With the winter chill in the air, many animal shelters are struggling to keep their animals safe, fed and warm - especially after the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Help your local shelter survive the frigid winter temperatures with these easy steps. Help Your Local Animal Shelter Survive The Winter

Feed Hungry Tummies

Animal shelters are always running out of food to feed their precious dogs and cats, so make life a little easier on your local shelter and donate some pet food. This can be something as simple as dry pellets and tinned food, or you can opt for something extra special and donate treats, gravy or food bowls. If you're feeling extra generous, you can even create a hamper filled with yummy treats, bright and colourful toys and something a little more practical, like tick and flea repellent, cat litter or shampoo.

Help Pay Their Bills

With the high cost of vet bills, it's a wonder any animal shelter is left standing after the COVID-19 lockdown. Spare a thought for the injured and sick animals at these shelters this winter and donate a little something. No matter how big or small your donation, it will be much appreciated. If you are unable to donate even a small amount of money, consider asking friends and family to donate on your behalf in lieu of a birthday gift.

Keep A Fur Baby Warm

If there was one thing that every shelter across the southern hemisphere could ask for right now, it would probably be blankets to help keep the animals in their care warm during the cold nights. Help out your local animal charity organisation and donate a few used blankets, towels or dog jerseys. Or if you don't have any to spare, why not buy a few? With winter warmer specials left, right and centre, you'll probably be able to find a few warming blankets at just about any store.

Knit Away

Are you still sitting at home during lockdown? Then why not take up knitting as a hobby and knit a few blankets, jerseys or even toys for a pooch or kitty? You can even get your friends, family, colleagues or fellow community members to join in and start a drive to collect knitted blankets for those in need. It's a wonderful way to get closer to your community and keep busy while helping those in need.


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Support Local Initiatives

Another great way to help out charities across Joburg is to support one of their many initiatives. Here are just some of the initiatives in our city:

Pug Rescue

Pug Rescue is an animal welfare organisation based in Benoni. As the name suggests, they take in unwanted and neglected pugs (and honorary pugs) and give them love and care until they can be re-homed. Currently, they are selling masks and buffs for adults and children for R85 - R120 in gorgeous pug-inspired designs. Order yours by emailing [email protected] and help make a difference in the life of a pug.

Paws R Us

Paws R Us rescues dogs throughout the city and cares for them at their shelter in Midrand until they find their furever homes. In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, they are selling a range of stylish buffs. These cost just R90 for one, R85 each for two or R75 each for three or more. Email [email protected] to purchase yours.


Saints in an animal charity shop that sells donated secondhand items and gives the proceeds to animal welfare organisations across Joburg. Help this wonderful shop help others by donating your unwanted clothing, books, homeware or trinkets to their shop. Alternatively, visit their shop in North Riding and purchase a few odds and ends or bid on exclusive items on their Facebook page.

Santa Cause For Paws

Santa Cause For Paws in an online shop selling beautiful customised mugs, handmade baby blankets, unique trinkets and pet treats in a bid to earn much needed funds for animal shelters. Help thousands of homeless animals in the city by purchasing some of the exquisite items on offer at the store, perfect as a gift for your loved ones.

Adopt, Foster or Sponsor

Lastly, one of the best ways to help your local animal shelter stay afloat is to adopt one of the animals in their care. Adopted animals have lots of love to give and truly make the best companions. If you are unable to adopt, why not foster an animal until they find their furever home? If this is also not an option, you can choose to sponsor an animal for just a small amount, ensuring they will stay warm and fed for at least a short while.


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Do you know of any other ways to help local animal charities survive the winter chill? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

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