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Health Junkies, Get Yourselves Down To Sprout Cafe!

Health Junkies, Get Yourselves Down To Sprout Cafe!

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Health nuts, get yourselves down to Sprout Cafe in Greenstone Hill for a variety of Banting, vegan, Keto and Paleo meal options. It's sproutingly good! 

Sprouting Goodness

We know that getting on the health revolution bandwagon can be a scary ride. Where does one even begin? There is so much information out there to overwhelm any well-meaning new health foodie. Thankfully, Sprout Cafe opened their doors at Stoneridge Shopping Centre in 2017. Noticing that the mall was in dire need of health food options, Sprout Cafe anchored its roots at the family-friendly centre. They have since become a health nut's go-to for post-workout protein smoothies, all day vegan breakfasts and even Taco Tuesdays!

This cafe and salad bar stands out like a buff thumb among the franchise and take-out eateries situated at Stoneridge's food court. Their decor is contemporary and minimalist, shades of green, white and grey enhance the atmosphere of healthy living and mindfulness. Outside, potted herbs and vegetables welcome guests in with the promise of fresh, organically sourced produce. Don't be intimated by the uber-healthy vibe and gym-wear-clad clientele, anyone and everyone is welcome here. We all have to start somewhere on the journey to well being.

Sprout Cafe

Falafel taco

Mindful Eating

Whether you stop by for a quick bite or a leisurely lunch, Sprout is sure to delight your senses. Their menu is ever expanding to include a variety of Banting, Keto, Paleo and vegan meal options. However, you need not be on a strict diet to enjoy a bite from Sprout's bounty of offerings. A firm customer favourite are Sprockets - tofu pockets filled with sushi rice, red cabbage, cucumber, hoisin, vegan mayo and sprinkled with sesame seeds. These little pockets of goodness are packed with nutrients and punchy flavour. Sprockets are Sprout's signature dish, so be sure to try them out on your next visit.

Sprout Cafe is just as popular for their drinks as their food offerings. This is the place to be after a hardcore workout - whether you are in need of a refreshing, natural juice or a protein-rich smoothie, Sprout has got you covered. Their NPL Gourmet smoothies come in a range of flavours. Our top pick is the Cinnamon Roll - whey protein powder, almond butter, coconut, honey, water and cinnamon, but give them all a try if you must.

Waffles and pancakes can't be part of a healthy, balanced diet right? Think again. Sprout has turned these sugary breakfast time treats on their head. Indulge in vegan doughnut holes and ice cream, vegan cashew cheesecake or Banting waffles. Or try the new addition to their menu - scrumptious Keto dark chocolate brownies. Low-carb and gluten-free, these chocolaty squares are the perfect guilt-free snack. Sprout Cafe also serves up pretty decent coffee, teas and hot chocolates. Of course, you can customise your hot beverage to your liking with almond milk alternatives. As a bonus, you can get R2 off your takeaway order if you bring your own reusable cup!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Sprout Cafe for wholesome goodness and Insta-worthy foodie content.

Keto brownies with almond butter

For more information

Visit their website for further details. Or give them a follow on social media to stay up to date with the latest menu additions, specials and more:

Facebook -

Instagram -

Details: 1 Stoneridge Drive, Greenstone Park, Lethabong, Edenvale, Johannesburg | 011 452 3003

Have you been to Sprout Cafe before? Let us know about your experience! 


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