Have You Bean To Father Coffee?

Whether Rosebank or Braamfontein, it’s the best brew in town!

Father Coffee Rosebank

It’s our favourite coffee spot in [email protected] Zone or when in town, in Braamfontein. Father Coffee is the godfather of the brew hands-down and we love their drink better coffee, make better coffee, serve better coffee principle.

Get your daily caffeine fix and a bite to eat before starting your day, or pop in for lunch and enjoy a latte and a sandwich. The baristas really know their stuff and the pastries are worth a mention.

Father Coffee also roasts and sells their own unique coffee bean blends, plus they stock all the coffee-making equipment needed to blow your hipster buddies away with your awesome brewing skills.

Father Coffee in Rosebank is open Mon-Fri 07h00–18h00, Sat 09h00–18h00, Sun 09h00–16h00

Father Coffee in Braamfontein is open Mon-Fri 08h00–16h00, Sat 08h30–16h00


For more information click here. 

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