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Who Can Master The Mind Of Hashtag Escape Rooms

Who Can Master The Mind Of Hashtag Escape Rooms

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Do you think you can free yourself from the Hashtag Escape rooms? Check out what they are all about so you can start preparing for this fun experience. fun and games

All work no play can get quite boring, and going out with friends and doing the same old same old is not fun at all either. To mix things up a bit, we have just the plan to get you all pumped up with adrenaline with something new and super fun. Two words - Hashtag Escape.


Hashtag Escape is a fun and exciting adventure you get to enjoy as a group or team (even as a family, this should be fun). They are situated in Norwood, one of Joburg's vibrant areas. But once you enter their facility, you'll be teleported to a whole new world.

This adventure game is where you and friends are locked in a mystery room and have to work as a team to make sure that you escape. Basically, you get to have fun while exercising mental growth and solving puzzles to escape the room.

This is one for the bucket list, a unique and innovative game. It's something different to most definitely look forward to.

How It Works?

They have three different rooms, which all have a completely different experiences for you to enjoy and choose from. Their rooms includes the Rebel Room, Hack Out as well as the Closure room.

Hashtag Escape Johannesburg

The Rebel Room

This room is filled with adrenaline, you only get a specific time to complete your objective and escape. This room caters for 3 to 7 people.

Hack Out

The Hack Out is also another adventurous ball of fun, this is where you and your mates are "imprisoned" in separate cells at a maximum security facility and you have to escape before the security systems are re-activated.


This here is an experience like no other and has proven to be the most advanced escape room in the country. This room is about uncovering a truth. But the question is, are you ready?

You have an hour to work as a team to find the secrets, solve the puzzle and free yourself.

Hashtag Escape Johannesburg

Why this game is so #awesome?

It's different, it's fun, and it's an adventure.

The game has been created by the puzzle masters who love a good challenge and have used their knowledge to create something that will get you thinking and filled with excitement. This is an opportunity to grow as a family and as a team, actually learn the principles of teamwork.

Age is just a number, anyone can enjoy the game and it was tested on different age groups - so you can rest easy knowing that everyone will enjoy the journey.

Things You Need To Know

If you have a large team, they advise you to make sure that you are sorted with lunch, as their slots can get quite occupied, but one thing you can certain of is that it's worth the wait.

The game is exactly an hour long so this gives you a chance to devise a strategy.


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