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Guide To Baby's First Haircut For Dad

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In many cultures, it’s customary to cut your baby’s hair when they’re three months old, a year or when they can speak. Either way, we rate this milestone is definitely one for the dads to tackle – no questions asked. Below is a guide for all our awesome fathers!

When To Go?

Parents get their children’s haircut at different times, depending on their cultural or personal beliefs. There is no specific time recommended for babies to have their first big chop. So, whether you shave everything off, like in certain African and Asian cultures, or you opt to trim the edges like in some Western cultures, it all boils down to when you feel your little one is ready. 

Mental Prep

Don’t just spring the first cut on your child. Instead, psyche them up for it by talking about how amazing you feel after going to the hair stylist, and how they will feel the same. If they’re old enough to understand, tell them about it being a stance on their individuality. You can also explain that they get to choose their new hairstyle. If your child doesn’t have much hair to begin with, then tell them how the cut will encourage more hair growth. It’s all about being positive about them getting a haircut.

Where To Go?

Not every salon is well equipped to handle squirmy clients. You need to look for a kids’ salon or, at least, a kid-friendly one. We have some fantastic options in Johannesburg, all kitted out with tons of kid-friendly colours and decor; it’s a haircut dream really. However, if you want to DIY the first chop or shave, first make sure you get your little one comfortable. Rope in your partner to take photos of the exciting occasion and, possibly, demonstrate how harmless and fun it is by trimming your own hair.

Emergency Treat

Kids are smarter than we’d like to sometimes admit, so it’s best to prepare for the worst. You might nail all the mental prep and timing of the first cut, but if your kid decides “nope”, it’s tears and screaming all the way. To avoid this, have an emergency treat, toy or any other distraction handy. Once their attention is off what’s happening on their head, the crying should stop almost immediately. 

Be Excited

If push comes to shove, some parents resort to having their young one sit on their lap during the haircut. So, if you must, then do so. But don’t sit there holding your child down like a prisoner. Rather talk to the little guy or girl and be excited about this amazing transformation they’re going through. Take it one step further by gasping at every snip and exclaiming how fabulous their hair looks. Our top tip is to ensure that your child is turned away from the mirror, as not seeing the scissors or clippers lessens anxiety.

Did we miss any guidelines for kids getting their first big chop? Let us know below!


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