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Where To Grab Brunch In Parys

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Parys is one of favourite places to go have brunch at on a Sunday. It's a quick drive and a great excuse to get out of town for a bit. Here's a list of our top picks to grab mimosas and buffets at.  brunch parys

Die Koffiekan

Old school family food. That is what you can expect from Die Koffiekan. Expect big, fat farm-style brunches served quick and tasty. The coffee is the closest we've come to experiencing that elusive perfect cup of java that our friend, Denis Vaden, is always going on about. The brunch selection is classic South African with everything from pap and pancakes to everything in between.

66 Bree Street, Parys 9585 | +27 56 811 5783


Parys is known as the artsy little town to the south-west of Joburg. EnStyle has taken advantage by combining an art gallery with a coffee shop. Now you can get the best of Parys at one little shop - brunch and brush strokes... yeah.  There is also a craft shop attached to the restaurant where you can buy weird and wonderful handmade items to take home and extend the memories.

100 Bree St, Kroonstad, Parys, 9585 | +27 056 811 3116

 O's Restaurant 

With a brunch menu as long as your arm, O's Restaurant is the place to come hungry and leave stuffed. The restaurant is situated right next to the river. When dining outside you can enjoy the shade from the trees and the background sounds created by nature. Brunch includes everything from stuffed mushrooms to a Karoo breakfast which is comprised of lamb chops, slap pap, shishebo and 2 fried eggs.

1 De Villiers St. Parys, 9585 | +27 56 811 3683


Melkkos, home made rusks, and boere troos, the Plumtree odders the best of the surrounding Vaal area on their menu. And to boot, their pies are beyond tasty. Every had a pie for brunch? Well, head to the Plumtree and taste some of the best grub around. From chicken and mushroom to classic cottage, they offer the whole bang shoot. Another brilliant choice would be the spinach and mushroom pancakes, so make sure you pull in...

74 Bree Street, Parys 9585 | 

Hoi Polloi

There is a brunch place in Parys that is so popular that you need to reserve a table in advance. But don't worry, it's well worth the effort. Hoi Polloi is as interesting a place as its name is. The food has been described as "out of this world," and as "simply interesting". That is exactly why we've included Hoi Polloi in this list. Whether it is quail and bacon or lamb cutlets for brunch, Hoi Polloi is one of those eateries in Parys you simply must visit.

73 Bree St, Parys 9585 |+27 56 811 3333

By Shawn Greyling

Have you visited any of these amazing brunch spots in Parys? Let us know in the comments section below which one you preferred. Thinking of a little trip to Parys? Then hit that share button and round up the crew for a pleasing day trip! 

Remember that our “Top Picks” are not paid for and are compiled at the discretion of the journalist. We only write about what we love.

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  1. These Paris brunches have everything – location, atmosphere, gourmet smarts and menus that require two days of advance starvation.

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