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Reach Your 2022 Health Goals With GO-LO Lifestyle!

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For healthy New Years resolutions without skimping on the tastiness, GO-LO Low-Carb Lifestyle offers something low-carb and delicious to have you indulging healthily in 2022. 

Indulge Without The Guilt!

It’s normal for a lot of us to give the healthy options a pass when it comes to tasty meals and perhaps overindulge. And let's not forget to mention struggling to stick to those New Years resolutions. The good news is GO-LO, the producers of one of the largest low-carb ranges in South Africa, has a delicious and healthy selection of smoothies, wraps and even pizza bases available, which means you can still have those delicious “cheat meals” without the guilt.

With the exception of GO-LO’s soups (beef, chicken and mushroom) and smoothies (whey), all other products are vegan-friendly and include some dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free and even yeast-free product options for those with food allergies.


What differentiates GO-LO is their specialised almond flour recipe, which reduces the carb content to much lower than any other similar products on the market. It’s this recipe that regulates body weight and helps achieve and maintain control of blood glucose in the body, meaning the products are perfect for diabetics and those wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle through better nutrition!

Their smoothies are the perfect on-the-go meal with all the necessary nutrients in one glass to keep you full for a longer period of time. Flavours include banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. GO-LO’s pitas are dense and filling with a delicious nutty flavour. And their pizza bases are light and crispy when cooked and are great for family lunches or dinners when cooking feels too much like an ordeal.


We Tried It & Loved It!

We got to try some of GO-LO's low-carb products, and we thought we'd share our thoughts on their smoothies, breads and wraps.

GO-LO Low-Carb Wraps

Perfect for filling with all of your favourite ingredients, Low-Carb Wraps are the perfect for a high protein low-carb meal. Not only does it taste delicious, but you'll definitely feel satisfied and full after enjoying your wrap, which means less snacking between meals!

GO-LO Low-Carb Smoothies

Ideal as a meal replacement or something delicious on-the-go, GO-LO's Low-Carb Smoothies are a must! Refreshing, delicious and filling, these smoothies come in four tasty flavours – Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana. All you have to do is add a scoop of smoothie powder to some water or milk, shake or stir, allow to thicken, and enjoy, it's that easy!

GO-LO Low-Carb Breads

GO-LO also offers bread that won't interfere with you reaching your fitness goals. You can get the bread as a loaf or in sandwich packs. Two slices to make a hearty sandwich are all you need for a well-balanced meal. The bread is filling and will keep you sustained until your next meal.

About GO-LO

GO-LO produces and packs a wide range of food products that are low in carbohydrates, egg free, dairy-free, and have no added sugar or refined carbs. Select products are yeast-free (wraps, flakes, oats porridge, muesli, smoothies.) Smoothies and soups are gluten-free. Soya-free products include: bread, pitas, pizza bases, flakes and muesli.

The key differentiator for GO-LO is the specialised formula that consists of a unique almond flour recipe, the main ingredient in the majority of the products, which reduces the carb content to much lower than any other similar products on the market.

For More Information

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