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Get Tough With These Self Defense Courses

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We love South Africa, don't get us wrong! But, unfortunately, a sad truth about living in our country is the crime rate and the need to protect ourselves when an unpredictable situation occurs. The question is: do you know what to do when you need to defend yourself and your family? If not, we think it's time to take a self defense course. Not only is it great to protect yourself, but it's also a confidence boost. Let's not forget to mention, it's hardcore!  Self defense

Family Self Defense Academy

It's important to get the entire family self defense ready. You know, just in case! With the entire family, both young and old in mind, the Family Self Defense Academy was created to provide self defense training and courses for all ages. They believe that everyone deserves to improve their security and safety, no matter what age, gender, or level of expertise. They also offer corporate self defense workshops.

Elite Defence Academy

Highly effective, easy to learn, and suited to everyone, Krav Maga is the defense system taught by Elite Defence Academy (EDA), as it's the ideal defensive tool you can learn regardless of your existing fitness or experience level. EDA offers professional coaching either at one of their clubs throughout the country or online with their insightful videos. And in In addition to the physical techniques used in their self-defense lessons, they also teach their students awareness and avoidance techniques, how to read body language, how to de-escalate a potential conflict, as well as giving you insight as to how the criminal mind works.

Self defense

Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre

Martial arts isn't only cool, but it's pretty good for self defense! Isn't that the reason why we do it in the first place? To ensure you know how to protect yourself, Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre in Parkhurst offers a Tactical Kung Fu Training (TKT) programme that gives learners the opportunity to learn practical self defense applications and focuses on unarmed, knife and gun attacks and defenses. The programme is limited to 10 individuals per group, takes three months to complete and you'll be awarded with a certificate of completion.

Details: | 082 568 0240 | [email protected] | 67 10th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

The Edge - Shooting Academy

This one is out in Pretoria, but when it comes to safety, distance shouldn't be a factor! The Edge - Shooting Academy offers a women's self defense course that focuses on the principle "train like your life depends on it, and when it does, its second nature". This course was created to empower woman to fight back against an attacker or a crime, and will teach ladies to be aware of their surroundings, always be prepared, risk reduction, avoidance, mental strength, physical power, hand-to-hand combat and even firearm and knife training and special weapons training.

Details: | 084 800 6098 | [email protected] | SWAT Shooting Range, opposite Zwartkop Racetrack, on R55, Centurion, Pretoria.

Self defense

Ming's Martial Arts Academy

Ming's Martial Arts Academy offers self defense programmes for all ages. You'll learn some of the most important techniques to defend yourself based on Tai Chi and karate principles. This programme will teach you how to easily deflect any attack, whether it's armed or unarmed, while also developing the instincts to get out of a dangerous situation and escape to safety.

Details: | 083 378 0468 | [email protected] | Parktown Girls High School , 55 Tyrone Avenue , Parkview, Johannesburg.

Self Defence Training Academy

Self Defence Training Academy will teach their students realistic and effective self defense techniques. Their classes are ideal for those aged over 13 in Gauteng area. You can enjoy your training either in the comfort of your own home or at a venue of your choice subject to the number of participants. The Basic Self Defense Course includes all the ground work, including self defence law, awareness and prevention, avoidance and escape, vulnerable areas to attack, combatives, pre-emptive strikes and fighting tactics, defense against punches, kicks, elbows, knees and other attacks, as well as fighting on the ground.


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