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Get Creative At Clay Café Lonehill

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Clay Café recently launched their latest venture in Lonehill, Johannesburg. Visit their new studio to enjoy a delicious slice of cake, a frothy cappuccino and a creative ceramic painting session. 

If you've never heard of a ceramic painting restaurant before, don't fret. Neither had we until we came across Clay Café. This recently launched ceramic painting workshop and coffee shop took us by surprise. It combines the best of laidback café style dining with super creative painting sessions. You can quite literally have your cake and eat it here! Clay Café promises to become one of the top spots for coffee, cake, and crafting in the Midrand area. Here's just some of what they've already got on offer:

Embrace your inner artist 

Clay Café is situated at the Prison Break Market out in Midrand. The idea behind this quirky name is to inspire visitors to "break out" of their usual routines and to embrace their inner creativity. Clay Café fits right into this mould with their restaurant meets artists workshop concept.

You are invited to join them for guided pottery painting sessions, paired with your choice of coffee and cake. Their skilled staff will assist you through the entire process, including helping you choose what type of ceramic to paint. Their range of clay pots, tea cups, plates and ornaments is extensive. Not to mention their stunning display of paints. Your inner artist will come alive at the mere sight!

Clay Café isn't out to blow your budget either. They firmly believe that creativity shouldn't come at a price. You only pay for what you paint. Prices range from R65 - R550 depending on which items you choose to decorate. So whether you need a cheap creative escape or are looking to make something truly special, Clay Café has you sorted.

Crafting Parties

Clay Café is the ideal spot to host a birthday party, bridal shower, or baby shower. They have tons of space to entertain your guests and the yummy goodies to satisfy their hunger, too. Let your guests get crafty as well, and you may have a beautifully unique collection of ceramics to remember the special day by.

Clay Cafe

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with their event offerings and new menu features.

For More Information 

Details: 10 MacMillan Rd, Glenferness AH, Midrand | (Tel) 064 956 7343


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