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Tasty Convenience With Frozen And Ready Meals

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After work, gym, traffic and taking care of the kids, who has time to cook? But that doesn't have to mean ordering take outs. Enjoy the taste, healthiness and convenience of these frozen and ready made meals.  frozen and ready meals

Frozen For You

Frozen For You was born from the high demand for pre-made meals from the catering company, By Word of Mouth. They offer delicious home-style meals, including meat, vegetarian, pasta and soup dishes as well as sauces, sides and desserts. Customers have the option of having their orders delivers to their preferred address. Alternatively, customers may collect at the collection point or browse and purchase meals at any one of the four retail outlets in Dainfern Square, Coachmans Crossing, The Club Retail and The Square @ Farrarmere.

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Heat 'n Eat

This business offers frozen prepared meals that only requires heating and eating. They offer regular, low carb, vegetarian and family meals. You can choose a weekly meal kit, consisting of four meals or a monthly meal plan, consisting of 16 meals. The meals will then be delivered to your home or office. Deliveries in the western and northern suburbs take place on Thursdays, and delivery for the city centre, southern and eastern suburbs are done on Fridays.

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We Are Food

Offering gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, vegetarian and low carb food, We Are Food provides easy and mouth watering meals for family dinners and entertaining. They also offer starter and dessert options. And all their packaging is reusable and recyclable. Their meals are available in three different serving sizes, Single - serves one, Family - serves four, and Grande - serves eight. They offer free deliveries in certain areas of Guateng, alternatively stop by at one of their stores in Parkhurst and Midstream.

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Plated Convenience

This store offers frozen and fresh prepared meals and snacks that cater to diets and healthy living. They have individual meals, diet meals, meal prep, children's meals, snacks and vegetarian packages on offer. Their diet packages consist of the My Buddy Challenge, 21 Day Banting, 21 Day Challenge, 7 Day Starter Pack, Plated Black Series Fitness and Plated Centrimetres Weight Loss. These include several healthy meals, snacks and supplements to help you on your weight loss journey.

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The Kitchen

These chefs turned caterers offer ready-made frozen and fresh gourmet meals. Meal sizes include single servings, servings for two and servings for six. They cater chicken, beef, lamb, vegetarian and vegan meals. They also have an extensive dessert range which includes classics like Peppermint Crisp Tart, Malva Pudding, Cobbler and Crumble. The chefs enjoy experimenting with new flavours, so pop by their shore in Sunninghill to find new and interesting meals, treats and kitchen gifts.

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This list would not be complete without a favourite local grocery store gracing it. And while many grocery stores may provide freezer and ready meals, none have done it quite like Woolies. This store has a wide array of ready meals, frozen and fresh, for dinner, lunch and snacks. They offer both healthy and decadent vegan, vegetarian, seafood, lamb, pork, chicken and beef meals with everything from Chicken and Broccoli Bake to a huge Beef Steak Pie. They also offer a few low prep meals such a fresh pasta with ready made sauces.

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