Frida's Coffee Bar - Art, Books and Joburg's Best Chocolate Cake

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Coffee, Death by Chocolate Cake, rows of books and portraits of the enigmatic Frida Kahlo on every wall, what more could a suburban Joburg cafe need? Stop by Frida's Coffee Bar in Albemarle to discover just what you have been missing out on! 

Frida's Quirky Coffee Bar 

Frida's Coffee Bar is no ordinary restaurant. Housed in what used to be a suburban home in Albemarle, Germiston, this coffee bar and cafe takes quirky to the next level. Firstly, you are greeted by a garden adorned with crocheted dream catchers, colourful rugs and pot plants galore. Beautiful mosaics guide you through the garden path into the restaurant. But before you step inside, check out the pool - no longer a family's haven from the summer heat, the centre of the garden has been turned into a dining area! Complete with tables, chairs and comfortable cushions, this is most certainly one of the most interesting spots to have a meal in the city. It's also a really cool spot to host a party, keep that in mind.

Frida's Coffee Bar

Frida's outside seating is relaxed, but nevertheless eye-catching. Colours meet your eye at every turn. The day of our visit was fairly sunny with a slight breeze. As such, we opted to sit outside, but not before taking a look around the cafe's interior. We almost regretted our seating choice then, as Frida's Coffee Bar is another world all together on the inside. Each wall is painted a different colour. Tapestries add even more vibrancy, but the main attraction is the iconic and stoic Frida Kahlo herself. Painted portraits of the artist hang on almost every surface of the restaurant. Notorious for being the subject of most of her paintings, Kahlo was undoubtedly one of the most prolific female artists of her time. Paying homage to her legacy, this coffee bar and cafe is a must-visit for art lovers, feminist scholars and anyone who loves chocolate cake.

But, before we get to the food, we must mention another fascinating feature of the interior restaurant - a library! Guests are welcome to take a seat on Frida's comfy couch and soak up some great literature. From art history books, to painting manuals and even biographies, this mini library is a book lover's dream. Add a cup of the cafe's great coffee and you are set for an afternoon of bliss.

 Tex-Mex Fare and Death by Chocolate

Frida's Coffee Bar serves up an array of Mexican-inspired dishes (fitting, since Frida was proudly Mexican). Their menu includes the good old favourites - quesadillas, burritos, fajitas and crunchy tacos. But, we ordered the spicy chicken livers with toast to start. Luckily, our unusual choice paid off well. The livers were perfectly cooked, but the highlight of the dish was the garlic and chili gravy. Rich and hearty, it was almost filling enough to skip straight to dessert. However, we chose to try out the quesadillas for good measure and because they are my personal favourite. Floury tortilla fold overs filled with grilled chicken and three types of cheese was what hit our table. Accompanied by tangy sour cream, spicy salsa and creamy guacamole. We pigged out on the meal, leaving very little space for Frida's famous chocolate cake.

Frida's Coffee Bar

Needing something sweet to round off the feast, I ordered a red cappuccino with honey. Being my frothy drink of choice, I wasn't expecting anything I hadn't tried before. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Frida's rooibos capp is undoubtedly the best I have sampled. The flavour of the tea is bold, but sweet. With just a pinch of cinnamon, this could be heaven.

Not wanting to miss out on all the hype, we also ordered a slice of Death by Chocolate cake to go. The serving was large enough for three, but we managed to scoff it down in a team of two awhile later at home. Fair warning - this really is death by chocolate. Not for the faint of heart or stomach, this cake reminded us of Miss Trunchbull's “most scrumptious cake in the entire world”! Super moist, dark chocolate sponge covered in ganache, we vote this as Joburg's best death by chocolate cake. Visit Frida's Coffee Bar and sample a piece to prove us wrong.

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Details: 49 Hatfield Ave, Albemarle, Germiston South, Johannesburg. 

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