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Organic Your Way Into Fresh Earth Food Store

Organic Your Way Into Fresh Earth Food Store

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Making health conscious decisions with some fresh, organic and oh so yummy at the Fresh Earth Food Store. Check it out...

The world has become very conscious of how they eat and what they eat. People are beginning to make wiser choices and implement them into their lifestyle. Fresh Earth Food Store is making this transition easier.

Fresh Earth Approach

Fresh Earth Foods is all about making conscious decisions when it comes to the food we eat. This is where vegan and vegetarians (including everyone of course) feel at home.

Fresh Earth Johannesburg

You can buy anything online, from groceries to personal hygiene and beauty products for your body, hair, hands, feet and much more. This also includes amazing homeware accessories.

So, you can basically buy everything that you need for your home here.

Fresh Earth Johannesburg

The Food

The Cafe

Fresh Earth only uses natural and organic ingredients, so you can be certain that you are getting everything at its utmost natural unaltered state.

They also have an amazing buffet to make your mouth water with all its beautiful colours and variety. They say that food is better with colour and we can definitely agree - the eat with your eyes factor will become a reality here.

Their meals are wholesome, nutritious and untouched by all the additives that go into food these days. The amazing options they have on their menu will have you craving everything. They have everything from burgers, breakfast and yummy sarmies to fueling smoothies - the list is endless. Can we not forget dessert... yum!

Fresh Earth Johannesburg

The Recipes

They are always sharing amazing recipes with food lovers, to make sure that they still maintain better decision making regarding what they eat.

The recipes include include a multitude of meals, pizza, pudding, quiches, sandwiches and more. This also includes beverages and the 'not so hungry' meals for you to make in the comfort of your home.

All their recipes are vegetarian, however you will also find some special dietary treats too.

Fresh Earth Johannesburg

Cooking Classes

If you want to better thy skills of thy pot, they offer classes

The classes are constructed in such a way that will leave you inspired and motivated to try something new. They assist with helping you make better decision, food preparation and getting creative in kitchen to make colourful, flavorful and health conscious foods.

The classes is limited to 14 people per session so booking is essential to getting closer to that beautiful meal.

Fresh Earth Johannesburg

Extra Love

Not only do they want to feed you, they also have baby food for the little bundle of joy and other necessities like dummies, bottles and even bath products.

For those who have a different kind of baby - a furry one - they also have pet care stuff if you want to spoil your pets with some treats or grooming items as well.


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