Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary

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Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary

The Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary is located within Delta Park, in Johannesburg and is named after the nature-lover Florence Bloom.


The 7,5 ha sanctuary was opened in 1975 and is the oldest existing bird sanctuary in Johannesburg and, with the rest of the park, boasts a list of more than 250 bird species recorded over the past 40 years. The past 7 years have seen over 180 species recorded including a number of extremely unusual birds for the Johannesburg area.The sanctuary is a tranquil oasis less than half an hour from the centre of town. It offers visitors an opportunity to spend a peaceful few hours enjoying the colour, activity and sounds of the birds and raise awareness about the fact that they need to be protected.

To find out more about the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary click here.

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