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Fishing Spots At The Vaal Dam

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We all know that the best fishing spots in the country are around the Vaal Dam. But if you're not too sure where to cast your line, then check out our top spots to do so.  fishing-3-1600x765

Barnfires Self Catering

Pack the chops, booze, fishing poles and bait and head straight out to Barnfires at the Vaal Dam, a 40-hectare farmland adjoining the Vaal River. Barnfires is a fully equipped self-catering farmhouse which sleeps eight per chalet. This beautiful little fishing spot is located close to Deneysville in the Free State Province and is only an hours drive from Johannesburg.

Farm Wilhelmina 776 Deneysville | +27 82 874 6578

vaal dam

Vaal Dam Fishing: Oranjeville

Head to Oranjeville at the Vaal Dam for the biggest catch of your life... or so they say. Be sure to pack a jacket along with that tackle box of yours, and maybe some paracetamol if you end up catching a cold instead of a carp or a scaly — or whatever it is the okes catch there these days. Accommodation is self-catering and the sleeping is somewhat rough... but that's why we take the brandy...

19 Fouche Street, Oranjeville | +27 16 981 0873

Rus 'n Bietjie 

Dust off the tent, clean off the braai and head to Rus 'n Bietjie at the Vaal Dam. It's one of those places that takes fishing back to the basics. It's all about minimalism here. Sure there is a clean shower and a john stocked with toilet paper, but the whole self-catering and fishing vibe is what it's all about. The fish bite readily here, so pack extra bait. Rus 'n Bietjie has a 1.2 km dam front which allows ample room for all to prevent casters from crows nests and crossing lines.

Willow Street, Deneysville | +27 16 371 228

vaal dam

Vaal Dam Fishing: ShawSide Accommodation & DBS Centre

Not in the mood for the whole camping thing? Then head to ShawSide and grab yourself a chalet for you and your mates. The beds are comfy, there's a fully licensed restaurant and the fish are just waiting to be caught... and released.

Details: 18 Wall Street, Deneysville, 1622

vaal dam

By Shawn Greyling

Have you been to any of these fishing spots? Let us know in the comments section below. Plan your fishing trip and share this with friends on social media. Lekker. 

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