Fashion Trends And The Places That Set Them

Trends shape and shift, motivating and inspiring people to adapt to what's current and exciting.

Fashion in Johannesburg has become progressive and creative. People are becoming comfortable with their style and express themselves with the clothes they wear.


Colorful Sneakers


Archive is all about urban street style. If you are looking for the latest, most unique and fashionable sneakers, this is the spot. Archive is known for their amazing exhibits that tell a story of street culture through their sneaker collection.

You can find limited editions and exclusivity at this store.


Shelf Life

Shelf Life recently opened a cool urban store in Rosebank.

This is one of the most well-known stores for sneakers, sneaker culture and collections. The store brings the most exclusive sneakers to the market, ensuring that you get something special.

Shelf Life is all about bringing together lifestyle and urban culture.


Trendy Clothing


Factorie is sister to Cotton On, and is one of the best stores in Joburg to find the latest and trendiest clothing.

They cater to the new age millennial who loves clothing that is current, stylish and good quality.

Factorie has clothing for both men and women as well as unique jewellery and accessories.


Thrifting is a huge trend in Joburg. Anyone looking for quality clothing and one-of-a-kind pieces should opt for thrifting.

Not only can you find unique, high quality apparel, but you can also get all of this at an affordable price.

Mr Price


Mr Price

Everyone loves a good accessory. These finish off your outfit, creating a trendy look. Get the latest fashionable accessories from Mr Price.

From jewellery, sunglasses or a stylish handbag, Mr Price has everything you need to stay on trend, for both men and women.

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