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Fashion Trends From 2019 To Keep In 2020

Fashion Trends From 2019 To Keep In 2020

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We take a look at the trends of 2019 and why we should keep following them in 2020.  Dry Bone


Denim is something that will always be trendy. Not only is it affordable and comfortable, but it can also be worn even when it's torn and damaged.

Jeans And Jackets

Woolworths is a great place to find almost anything denim related, especially jeans and denim jackets.

All Things Denim

Tshepo The Jeanmaker specialises in denim, crafting shirts, dungarees, jeans and so much more. Find them at Victoria Yards for all your denim needs.

Jeans, Shirts And Jackets

Cotton On has clothing for men, women and kids. Here, you can find some of the trendiest jeans, shirts and jackets.


Leather is a timeless fabric that will last you a lifetime. This fabric is also used for multiple items that we use on a daily basis, including bags, jackets, pants, belts, shoes and much more.


Dry Bone Co offer an edgy and fashion-forward look with their leather apparel. This is the perfect brand for anyone seeking a bold look.


Rowdy Bags is one of the best places to get quality crafted leather bags that are finished off with unique touches.


For the best quality shoes perfect for any occasion or weather condition, invest in leather shoes.

To find more leather clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, click here.


Photo by Versace

Colourful Sneakers

Who doesn't need a good pair of sneakers? Sneakers are worn by almost everyone and complete any look, whether it's high fashion or casual.

A great place to find sneakers in Shelflife. This sneaker spot offers unique designs, collections and limited editions.

What trends will you be bringing into 2020? Let us know in the comments section below!


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