Family Fun and Lunch at Cattleman's Kitchen

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How does a lovely day out with your family and friends sound? For a great day of R&R, head to Cattleman's Kitchen in Muldersdrift for a day outdoors with a delicious lunch, family fun and maybe even a swim. 

I must confess, we were extremely late heading to Cattleman's Kitchen in Muldersdrift for a relative's birthday lunch. We had driven right past the street that this restaurant and estate is hidden on. Needless to say, one needs online navigation or a good old-fashioned map. Cattleman's is tucked away at Bosheuvel Country Estate in the picturesque, Muldersdrift. This estate is home to a deli, restaurant, hotel and many animals.

After parking the car, we strolled past the meandering paths, lined with green shrubbery to the dining area. The restaurant itself offers both indoor and outdoor dining. The rest of our clan were already seated at an outdoor bench which was, thankfully, shaded from the heat of the sun. The outside area is made up of benches, as well as an entertainment lapa for bigger parties. The benches and lapa surrounds a glistening swimming pool, which the kids can play in.

The rest of our party had already ordered their drinks, which included a craft beer tasting, and had their starters by the time we had arrived and were in the process of getting their mains. We chose quickly, a hard thing to do because of all the delectable sounding choices. While waiting for our meals, we decided to have a walk around the estate.

Cattleman's embraces a "farm to fork" philosophy and this is evident when viewing the property. This property could easily be mistaken for a farm with their lush gardens and animals such as cows, chickens, geese and pigs. Just be careful as chickens have been known to get rowdy. The estate even retails compost in huge bags, if that doesn't scream "farm-style", we don't know what does.



Back to the food. My partner decided to try a peach craft beer, Kaalgat Peach. Supposedly, this beer is sweet and fruity like a plump peach. Cattleman's has four other craft beers available: Pinzgauer Pilsner, Dark Silence, Ginger Viking and Rose Malt. These also come in a tasting - a must-try for beer lovers.

The restaurant is not known for their quick service, but we would rather wait a while for freshly prepared food served hot than par cooked, cold dishes. I had the Vegan Burger, which was a simple potato and vegetable patty on a soft bun with salad items and served with chips. Other meals at our table included a few steaks, their famous Eisbein and the Meat Platter with ribs, rump, chicken strips, salami, onion rings and potato wedges.

Dessert was a difficult choice, due to my intense sweet tooth. But Cattleman's menu has items that I am always a sucker for; like various Cheesecakes, Chocolate Lava Cake or Caramel Velvet Cake. But the winner had to be the Blueberry Cheesecake. However, the sweetest part of the day was when the estate's long-eared Basset Hound slithered in under the table and promptly took a snooze on my feet.

This was a wonderful day spent in the sun enjoying some much needed family time and some truly delicious food. I will be going back soon - and not just for the dog.



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