Have A-Maze-Ing Fun At Honeydew Mazes!


Have and a-maze-ing time at Honeydew Mazes! Here, they offer their guests plenty of fun under the sun, that involves walking through corn field mazes, solving brain wracking riddles and getting a sweet reward once you make it out of the maze. It’s fun for all ages!

Whether you’re in need of some fresh air, itching to get moving, or are simply looking for something fun to do with family and friends, Honeydew Mazes is just the place to visit if you’re interested in entertainment that involves all the above, as well as the thrill of getting lost in a maize puzzle.

Spend the afternoon challenge yourself and your loved ones in their giant mazes along with a general knowledge quiz. The maze takes 90-minutes to solve!

Honeydew Mazes Johannesburg

Explore The Mazes

Now let’s get into how exploring Honeydew Mazes works! Let’s take a look at the different mazes available so you know what to expect after you have made your booking to experience and explore this thrilling outdoor activity.

The Elemental Maze

This maze is made of indigenous reed fencing, and somewhere within all the twists and turns within this maze, you’ll find five Secret Gardens. Each Secret Garden is themed differently, portraying one of the basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Reflection or Thought. Once one of these Secret Gardens are found, they will unlock new and untravelled paths and parts of the Elemental Maze that players will get to explore and enjoy.

This maze is played on a multi-station quiz trail format. Each team (no more than five people) will get a clipboard, a pencil and an answer sheet. The next thing they will need to do is complete the quiz to get through the maze! There are two components to the quiz: the Garden Quiz; and the BrainBox Quiz.

  • The Garden Quiz requires each team to complete a basic task in each of the five Secret Gardens within the maze.
  • The BrainBox Quiz requires each team to locate the 10 individual quiz boards scattered throughout the maze, and will need to answer the general knowledge questions on each of the quiz boards.

After completing the task and solving the maze, teams need to find their way to the exit. Teams then take their answer sheets over to the coffee shop where they will be checked and marked. Once the results are in, all team members will be rewarded with a well-deserved ice-cream! Trust us, you’ll definitely enjoy this after the rush and fuss of trying to get out of the maze and be dubbed the winners.

The playing time of the Elemental Maze is 75 to 90 minutes, it’s appropriate for all ages (with adult supervision for children under the age of 16), and it’s open all year round. However, they do remove it from general play from late February to late May annually to do maze maintenance and improvements.

boy standing in Honeydew corn field maze
Image from Honeydew Mazes via Facebook.

Maize Mazes

Open during the summer month, the Maize Mazes offers guests 3.5km of pathways, turns, nooks and crannies in a growing corn field. These mazes are designed to challenge visitors of all ages and are themed on a different theme every year. And over the years, they have had many different and unique maze designs that have thrilled both young and the young at heart.

How About A Moonlight Maze? 

Once the sun goes down, Honeydew Mazes prepares for a unique and exciting nighttime experience: their Moonlight Mazes! Before the fun begins, you’ll get to enjoy the Jozi sunset. Participants need to be at the maze by 17:30, sharp! All participants will be split into teams of four (within your own group or just as a couple) and will then start at around 18:15. Each team will be given a quiz sheet and will be briefed, before they make their way into the Giant Maze. Don’t forget to take your own picnic basket filled with goodies (no braai foods), marshmallows and torches along with you.

For more information as to their Moonlight Mazes, please do contact them directly. 

Team Building Has Never Been This Much Fun

Honeydew Mazes is great for team building events and offers a various packages for the teams to enjoy and explore. You can choose which package you want to book based on how many hours you want to wander around in the maze. There are a number of activities that are included in the package, such as lunch, fun games, and of course, the master experience of taking a detour onto their mazes. On arrival, teams are welcomed to tea and coffee and then briefed on how the maze games work. It’s a fun way to get your team to work together while still having a blast.

Honeydew Mazes Johannesburg

It’s Also Fun For The Kids!

Honeydew Mazes doesn’t just offer fun for the grownups, they also have a bunch of fun stuff for the kids too. They offer kids’ party and a school outing packages filled with adventure and fun activities that they’ll definitely love. The school outing package also includes a prize giving as well as ice-cream after lunch. There are also lovely wind down areas where you can host these outings and birthday parties.

honeydew maze 2
Image from Honeydew Mazes

For More Information

For more information about Honeydew Mazes and their their amazing mazes, visit

You can also contact them on 073 795 2174 or

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest events, news and information.

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