Family Fun Amidst Blooms: Safari Garden Centre’s Enchanting Escape for All Age


Enter the main building at Safari Garden Centre, and the adventure begins! Immerse yourself in a world where nature’s vibrant palette meets the boundless possibilities of gardening. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener seeking inspiration or a family in search of a delightful outing, their garden center is a haven where botanical wonders and the joy of exploration converge.

Unveiling the Allure of Safari Garden Centre

With its towering 23-meter-high thatched roof and authentic rock walls, this renowned landmark in the eastern outskirts of Pretoria stands as a beacon above the award-winning destination garden centre. The exquisitely crafted center unfolds as a haven for nature enthusiasts, featuring meandering pathways that gracefully invite visitors to delve deeper into its charms. Beyond a mere plant emporium, it serves as a sanctuary for gardeners, home decorators, and weary city dwellers alike—a space where choices abound, inspiration flourishes, and the escape from urban fatigue is seamlessly woven into the experience.

Kid’s Garden Haven

Invigorating breezes, endless sights, and wholesome entertainment are the irresistible allure drawing kids to Safari every week. The Safari Fun Tractor rides are a weekend and public holiday favorite, providing delightful excursions. Within the expansive grounds, a colossal jungle gym and a secure play area await, offering more than just playtime—kids can marvel at marmoset monkeys, pot-bellied pigs, dwarf mountain goats, rabbits, and a variety of other charming animals.

A Diverse Collection of Plants at Safari Garden Centre

The essence of Safari’s existence is deeply rooted in a passion for plants. Their extensive collection showcases a diverse array of high-quality plants meticulously sourced from various regions across South Africa.

Prepare to be enchanted by our curated selection of handpicked plants, offering an abundance of choices. To ensure freshness at competitive prices, a substantial portion of our inventory is cultivated in-house at their nursery.

From majestic conifers to resilient succulents, and from enchanting roses to graceful creepers, discover the perfect addition to your garden. Popular plants come in various sizes, providing flexibility to align with your preferences and budget.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday: 09:00 until 17:00.

For More Information

Visit their website at

You can also contact them by calling 012 807 0009 or emailing

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook for the latest news, information and more.

Address: Corner of Rubida Street and Lynnwood Road, Pretoria.

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