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Family Bonding At Happily Ever Laughter

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When it comes to the weekend, all I want to do is spend time with my family. And theres no better place to do so than at Happily Ever Laughter – a homely boutique restaurant in the heart of Bedfordview, with the friendliest staff and the best owners!

Happily Ever Laughter

This small, but quality venue, allows parents to enjoy a meal while their kids enjoy the playground. I am one of those paranoid mommies who is always following my three-year-old around the kids play area – not only because I don’t trust strangers, but also because she’s so clumsy that I fear what could happen if I didn’t watch her every move. Happily Ever Laughter gives me the chance to relax a little because the play area is small enough to see her at all times, and it's situated away from the road. Yes, that means you can actually have a conversation with your partner and a hot meal, at the same time. Amazing, right?

Happily Ever Laughter

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The best part is, unlike many other restaurants with play areas, Happily Ever Laughter has the most delicious food. From breakfast options to divine wraps, kiddies meals and out-of-this-world sushi, they know how to keep me coming back for more – and stay there for hours, too. Make sure you try one of their Freezochinos... yes, even in winter! They’re just to die for.

Plus, they have private areas for functions. From kiddies birthday parties to baby showers and more, they will make your special day just that – oh-so-special. Their platters are great and they will even do your décor at an additional price. Trust me, you’ll want them to.

Photo sourced from Facebook

The owners, Gaby Sham and Tracy Sparrow, are always there and make you feel right at home. I knew Gaby from a previous venture, and she is one of the reasons I keep going back to this perfect little venue.

So if you’re in need of some quality family time, or a get-together with friends, get down to this homely restaurant and have yourself a treat while your munchkins have some fun. It’s worth it!

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Details: 24A Riley Rd, Bedfordview, Johannesburg | 011 450 0711 | [email protected]

By Angela Bekiaris

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3 comments on “Family Bonding At Happily Ever Laughter”

  1. Angela
    Thank you so much for your beautiful review. It takes something like this to make me realize how blessed we are to have people like you to keep our dream going. Thanks for all your support through the years.
    Gabi xxxx

  2. Best food, best kiddies venue. Perfect for parties or just a quick moment out of the hustle and bustle. Best outdoor venue. Thank you Gabs and Tracy x

  3. Hi ladies, thank you for the amazing comments. We absolutely agree... Happily Ever Laughter is stunning! Regards

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