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Fabulous Greek Feasts At Zorbas Taverna

Fabulous Greek Feasts At Zorbas Taverna

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We went to Zorbas Taverna in Boksburg to try their fabulous Greek feasts, what we found was a marvelous gem that left us wanting more. Here's what to expect. 

Tucked away in Tudors Rose Centre in Beyers Park, is a little gem of a Greek restaurant. Zorbas Taverna is a small family owned eatery serving up delicious and fabulous Greek fare to residents of Boksburg and surrounds.

This charming restaurant exudes the feel of Greece with the blue and white touches, scenic portraits and Greek souvenirs. The sky blue walls are decorated with huge portraits of the Greek sea and the tables are lined with blue and white seating and topped with checkered table clothes that make you feel right at home. This feeling is accentuated by the welcoming attitudes of the staff there.

The food also makes one feel at home, as if we have gone to Grandma's for lunch - if Grandma is a talented chef specialising in Greek cuisine, that is. Expect anything from delectable mezes to the best yiros and everything in between, all with a surprisingly low impact on the wallet.

Their menu is small but provides ample choices. Their Souvlaki, whether chicken, lamb or beef, comes highly recommended. However, our favourite is definitely the Yiros. Available in haloumi, feta, falafel, beef, lamb, chicken, pork, Sheftalia, Kefte, calamari and squid heads. While all of these are wonderful in their own right, we are suckers for the Haloumi Yiro - crispy cheese morsels, with fresh tomato and onion, and rich and creamy tzatziki wrapped up in a chewy flat bread.

A delectable meal like this needs to be paired with something sweet and bitter. How does a yummy dessert and a specialty coffee sound? Zorbas' range of desserts includes the Honey Delight, Baklava and Rizogalo. All three are incredibly decadent but we always opt for the Baklava, layers of phyllo pastry and nuts drenched in honeyed syrup - absolutely scrumptious. The sweetness is matched perfectly with a Greek Coffee. This tar-like substance might not be for everyone but true caffeine lovers should give it a try. It makes for a strong, bitter and rich drink that's sure to keep you up and about for the night's festivities.

The festivities include song, dance and good old plate breaking. On Saturdays, Zorbas hosts Greek Night with live musical performances and traditional Greek dancing. If you're more in the mood for relaxed dining with the family, head on over on any other night of the week when the atmosphere allows one to unwind while enjoying great food and drink, even during load shedding. If you'd rather stay in, you're welcome to get a take-away or have it delivered to your door through Mr D.

This Greek eatery has become one of our favourite go-to restaurants when we are hungry and can't decide where to go. This is because the service is always good and the food, even better. We can't wait to go back.

Find out more about Zorbas Taverna here.


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