Fabiani Opens A New Flagship Store In Sandton

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Ladies, listen up – we have some fantastic news for you! Iconic suiting and tailoring brand Fabiani is extending their range to womenswear with their first Fabiani Women flagship store in Johannesburg. The new store opened in Sandton City on 15 November – with another six locations set to open nationwide before the end of this year.

The launch of Fabiani Women marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the brand. We spent five minutes with the pioneer behind the revolutionary new collection, highly acclaimed local designer Warrick Gautier.

Why has Fabiani decided to launch a women’s range?

We’ve launched a women’s range to complement the highly successful Fabiani men’s collection, and to address the pressing need in the South African market for luxuriously tailored women.

What was the inspiration behind the Fabiani Women’s collection?

Powerful women and their appreciation for couture, art, music and theatre.

What is the story behind the collection, and what makes it unique?

The collaboration of Fabiani with Warrick Gautier, the South African-based designer, brings his signature tailored couture of African luxury to the Fabiani brand.

What is the theme of this collection?

Positioning couture as art in a way that is accessible.

What makes a Fabiani woman stand out from the crowd?

A Fabiani woman stands out because of her appreciation for luxury, refined tailoring and couture, as well as her fearless drive and ambition combined with her sensual femininity.

What is the colour scheme of this collection?

Glamorous neutrals meet high-voltage metallics with tones of pink.

Describe the key pieces of the collection.

Refined tailoring, high-voltage suiting and dramatic feminine couture.

What materials have you selected for the collection and why?

Intricate and refined hand beading is at the core of the collection. Adding to this, we have incorporated opulent metallic woven jacquard fabrics, silk chiffons and silk satins.

African Fashion International turns 10 this year – what is the most fundamental shift you have seen in the fashion industry over the past 10 years?

With the recent growth of the fashion industry in South Africa, there is a great opportunity now more than ever for designers to showcase their unique, differentiated offerings. Having a unique craft will most definitely be the deciding factor for successful designers.

When will the Fabiani Women collection be available in-store?

The Fabiani Women collection launches in flagship stores from 3 November 2017.

Visit www.fabiani.co.za.


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