Exploring The Beautiful Sandton City

If you are looking for a sought after spot in Joburg, this is it. Climbing the charts in its glory of one of the musts in the city. Can we all agree that we’ve gotten lost, at least once, whilst visiting Sandton City? But the amazing part of getting lost in this big and beautiful mall is that you’ve found a few amazing gems. But because we care about you, we’ve decided to guide you through the mall so that history doesn’t repeat itself and this time getting lost in the mall is not on the list of things to do!

Sandton City


So first up is where to eat, we need to eat because every meal of the day is important. Whether you’re hungry for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner, they have so many options you can explore. This place caters to your every preference giving you the best restaurants around where you can sip on the world’s finest coffee, enjoy French croissants or a slice of local milk tart all under one roof.

JB’s Corner

A definite favourite of ours, JB’s Corner is where you should to go once you step into Sandton City. It’s literally by the entrance, so there is no way you’re going to miss it. And the food will have you glued to your chair. If you’re wondering what they have on offer, look at their menu. You’ll get five star treatment, the quality of food served is extremely amazing. Only the best ingredients are used by JB’s and all food served is preservative free and full of goodness. Can we tell you about how amazing the staff is or should we wait for you to go experience it for yourself?

San Restaurant At  Sandton Sun 

If you’ve had a long journey and just got off the Gautrain and are looking for a spot to grab something, try out San Restaurant. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner using only the finest seasonal and sustainable produce, San is indeed the ultimate showcase of the best ingredients South Africa has to offer. They are incredible for any kind of setting for every occasion, from informal meals with business associates to exuberant family celebrations, for easy dining with a focus on delicious fine cuisine.

Walnut Grove

The history of Walnut Grove is as old as Sandton City itself. Based in the heart of South Africa’s most famous shopping centre, Walnut Grove has stood the test of time since 1975. Through hard work and dedication, Walnut Grove has been honoured with the legacy of the longest-running restaurant in Sandton City. That alone speaks volumes about the place. Get to enjoy a cappuccino and breakfast in the vibrant pantry area, or in their more secluded library section or sip a cocktail at the bar. This is a 360° dining experience grounded in family tradition and heritage, we suggest you bring your loved ones to enjoy the experience with you.

Doppio Zero

The decor had us at hello, upon arriving at this amazing spot we promise that you’ll fall in love. They say this is the perfect place for getaway dinners. Located in the Protea Court section of Sandton City, this Doppio Zero has a beautiful gazebo-style patio that’s covered with a glass awning with retractable glass panels, making you feel like you’re sitting outside. So, if you’re out during the weekend this is just the spot, because weekends are abuzz with early breakfast and busy lunches. So, are you coming?

Fung Shing

Looking for something different? This is it! The next time you’re around Sandton City make sure you come experience a little bit of downtown China at Fung Shing, giving you nothing but the best Chinese cuisine under the sun. Your mouth will be watering for sure. If you haven’t tried Chinese dumplings, spring rolls, fried rice, noodles and sweet & sour sauce, guess what, you’re in for a treat.

Fung Shing


Sandton City is a fashion galore sanctuary and we love it, for the most amazing threads and fabrics and the oh-so-stylish items to look forward to. Bring your purse because we’re going shopping – you deserve it, retail therapy is real people! I mean who can say no to the likes of Calvin Klein Jeans, D’ORÉ, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Armani Jeans, Billionaire Italian Couture and the many more other exciting clothing stores to look forward to.


Entertainment And Points Of Interest

There’s never a shortage of entertainment to look forward to when you come to Sandton City. Other than shopping, there is definitely something for everyone. Catering to mom, dad and even the kids.This is definitely everyone’s favourite playground.

Entertainment And Points Of Interest

Ster Kinekor

Movies, movies and more movies. C’mon who doesn’t like catching a movie or two with friends? Catch the latest movies showing on cinema, if your date, kids or friends are huge movie fanatics, this is just the spot where you need to pop by if you’re in the area. To Ster Kinekor we go!

BT Games, Sandton City

If you are looking for the greatest and most recent high tech gaming items, this is where you want to be. They play for the win, they play late, they play for kicks and they play for escape. And if you know that’s just why you love gaming then join in! They have a huge appetite for all things gaming and offer gamers a specialist store. They offer a wide range of games, consoles hardware, accessories and related merchandise, at competitive pricing. To see what you might like to buy from them visit BT Games online.


C’mon who would say no to teddy bear hugs? Bring the kids to Hamleys the next time you visit, they’ll love it – we promise. Hamley & Hattie Bear can’t wait to meet all their new friends, so the kids will have more friends when they visit the store. They get to meet these lovable and huggable bears every Saturday and Sunday for photos, selfies and high fives! And another amazing part is that they will get to enjoy the great train rides offered at the store.


The retail stores are all so tempting, if you do go to Sandton City and leave without buying something, did you really go to Sandton City? This is one of Africa’s leading and most prestigious shopping centres. Sandton City offers an unparalleled shopping experience that combines the world’s most desirable brands with everyday leisure and entertainment. With more than 300 leading local and international retailers, Sandton City is a one-of-a-kind premier fashion and leisure destination. It’s an energetic hub of Afro-cosmopolitan glamour – international shopping with South African flair. And if you’re looking for any particular retail store around the precinct check it out here! You will be happy to hear that there are sales happening every now and then, so you don’t really need to rob the bank to have a great time experiencing Sandton City, visit their website for more.


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