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Explore The Wild Outdoors at Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

Explore The Wild Outdoors at Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

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Just 10km from the city centre lies a tranquil outdoor escape. The Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is a birding and hiking hotspot, ideal for families and adventure enthusiasts. Head on out as soon as you can to experience the natural South African bushveld right in the heart of Joburg.  Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

The Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is a haven for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. Also known as the "Jewel of Joburg South", this 700 hectare reserve boasts an array of activities and attractions for all ages. If you've been dying to take a trip to the bush but just can't seem to find the time or finances, then this is the spot for you. The reserve is free to enter for all and is conveniently located just 10km from Johannesburg city centre. So, pack up the car this weekend and take the family out for a day of fun and adventure at the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. Here are some of the fantastic sights they've got on offer:

Wildlife Galore

The Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is the largest proclaimed nature reserve in the Johannesburg Metropolitan area. It is home to a diverse array of animal species, including zebra, red hartebeest and black wildebeest. There are also over 230 bird species that can be found in the park! There really is no need to leave Johannesburg to experience the very best nature has to offer. Bring your binoculars and cameras with you on this mini safari trip. We suggest that you join a guided walk on your first visit. These walks take place on the fourth Sunday of every month and are open to one and all. You can find more information on the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve website.

Hiking Trails

More experienced hikers should certainly explore the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve's many trails. Whether you're in the mood for a short sprint or a long, meandering stroll there should be a path worth exploring. Take a few moments along your journey to stop and admire the magnificent flora surrounding you. The reserve beams with colour all year round - hardy aloes and cactuses flower in the winter while blushingly bright daisies sprout in the spring. Gardeners will adore the lush, natural expanse of the reserve with all its wonderous indigenous plants and trees. So, get on your walking shoes and come explore the great, wild outdoors.

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

A Little Bit of History 

The Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is not only a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the inner city. The site is steeped in history. Visit the ruins of a Voortrekker farmstead and wagon built in 1850 by Sarel Marais. You can also visit the Marais family graveyard on the southern part of the reserve. At the opposite end of the reserve sits the remains of the Vierfontein Dam, also known as the Silent Pool. Visit the majestic springs and renew your sense of peace, wellbeing and connection to the natural world.

Don't spend another beautiful, sun-shiny Joburg day cooped up inside. The Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve awaits you!

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