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Explore Krugersdorp North

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Have you been to Krugersdorp North before? Not?! Well, here are quite a few of reason why you should take a trip to the west ASAP.

Where To Eat In Krugersdorp North

Viljoen Street in Krugersdorp North has turned into what folks like to call Little Linden. There are an ample amount of little coffee shops, cafes and restaurants that can take it to the streets when it comes to good food.

Cultiv 8 Cafe

Those of us who stay up late and wake up late often don’t feel like a bowl of bran flakes and low-fat milk first thing in the morning, but it’s all good because Cultiv8 café has got us covered. The eatery serves breakfast until 12:00 and the selection is the reason why we love brunch so much. My personal favourite would be the shashuka – a Tunisian-Arabic breakfast dish which consists of two eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce cooked with green chili, onion and topped off with a pinch of cumin. This is served with chorizo sausage. To complete and complement your morning meal I suggest that you order a cappuccino.

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The eatery’s menu sings like Edith Piaf and the plating of the food is as quirky and cute as Zooey Deschanel circa 2008. In recent times, the restaurant has grown in popularity thanks to brides-to-be and has hosted an ample amount of kitchen teas. But wedding bells aside, Beginnings is a great place to take ouma for an eggs benedict and a spot of tea ... or that pretty girl you've been meaning to ask out. All the ingredients are fresh and the pastries fluffy. In fact, Beginnings can go head-on with any fancy pastry place and rise victorious without even breaking a sweat.

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Where To Shop In Krugersdorp North

Krugersdorp North is filled with gems galore! Other than the mall, there's something for everyone the further you drive down Viljoen Street.

Keywest Shopping Centre

What used to be a dam and flea market a couple of hundred years ago (not really, more like two decades) has evolved into one of the top shopping and entertainment destinations in the West Rand. Today Keywest Shopping Centre boasts great restaurants, major retail stores, and even a free concrete skatepark. There's ample parking, a big Spur, and cool spots to chill along the banks of the dam.

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Food Lovers Market

Nothing comes close to walking into Food Lovers Market with a fist full of grocery money and an urge to spend every last cent of it. AT the FLM (that's what all the cool kids are calling it) in Krugersdorp North, you can expect the usual fresh produce with an added bonus: the cheese section. Oh my! The cheese section is where all great dishes are born. From a good mature cheddar to something more robust parmesano (you need to read that in your best Massimo Bottura voice), this rendition of our favourite greengrocer has got you covered. The shop often runs specials on fruit, veg, and cheese.

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FORA Book Shop

Lads & ladies, take one tip from us: there is nothing sexier than someone who reads. Get your fill of pre-loved novellas and manuscripts at the FORA Book Shop on 4th Street. What's cool about this shop is that all the profit goes to help the FORA (Friends Of Rescued Animals). As an added bonus, FORA also runs a charity shop right across the road where you will be buying all your books from now on. So, go grab a couple of Tolstoy's, a handful of Stevie Kings', and maybe a yoga book for fun. Our furry friends will thank you.

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Must-Visit In Krugersdorp North

Our next entry is so special that it deserves a category of its own. Make a plan and get yourself to Krugersdorp ASAP.

The Rabbit Hole Hotel

Feel like taking a trip to Wonderland? Then follow Alice to the Rabbit Hole Hotel on Viljoen Street. Enjoy excellent food in a charmingly surreal setting where colourful design combined with attention to the functional requirements of visitors are met without even breaking a sweat… yes, that was supposed to rhyme. Each room is decorated to a different theme and explodes with vibrancy and quirkiness. The Rabbit Hole Restaurant is a popular spot for diners to relax, kick back, and have a beautiful bite to eat. Patrons can expect big burgers, massive slices of cake, mojitos that kick like a mule, and the best BBQ chicken wings this side of Joburg.

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The Rabbit Hole & Restaurant


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