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Johannesburg is beautiful, charismatic, and ever-welcoming to people from all walks of life. Flamboyant yet secretive, Joburg is the kind of city that employs you to look for the hidden gems, and trust us, once you look deep enough, you'll find them everywhere.  JoziBurg

I have to admit, I found out about Joziburg Lane at No. One Eloff, because I was actually lost. I became intrigued at how beautiful it is (don't worry I found my way home). That's the best part of getting lost — you end up discovering amazing places. Joziburg is part of the No. One Eloff building near Gandhi Square and here you get to experience a vibey market, food hall, deli, shops, restaurants, bars and art studios.


Joziburg Lane exudes African confidence where simple African items are transformed into art. For example on entering you're welcomed by an array of checkered Shangaan bags. This place is a huge tourist attraction and not only because it's Instagram-worthy. With a unique aesthetic and atmosphere, when night falls, Joziburg Lane takes on a new life.

Explore JoziBurg No One Eloff

Where To Eat

We highly recommend that you try the street food on offer — we tried it for you and we loved it. Like burgers? We thought as much. Check out The B-Spot for some amazing burgers and great beer to wash all that yumminess down. They pride themselves with serving the best in the business that will leave you wanting seconds. This is the ideal spot to just hang out with friends and catch up.

What To Do

If you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle, we highly recommend you visit Dorkay, a rooftop bar and venue. It lets you look at the city with new eyes — from up above. This is the perfect spot if you want to host a party, wedding or any other event. Dorkay is also known for hosting the Feel Good Series event, Kulture Fashion Spaces and Magents Launch.



Joziburg Lane hosts one of the biggest markets, the BrownSense Market, and artistic events like A 1000 Drawings and art exhibitions. The vision is to give young and old an opportunity to showcase their businesses and attract more people to this wonderful space. There’s also the Joziburg Deli, selling local artisanal produce, giving you the best in home-made jams, relishes and farmhouse cheeses.


Staying At Joziburg Lane

The other highlight about this space is the stylish lofts available to rent. They are modern and designed for young professionals who love the convenience of having access to food, shopping and entertainment all in one place. So, are you sold yet?

From their Instagram (price was correct at the time. Check with them directly for new pricing):


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