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Essential Spring Cleaning Hacks To Help Get Your Life In Order

Essential Spring Cleaning Hacks To Help Get Your Life In Order

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Spring has sprung! As the warm breeze starts to roll in, we all feel that itch to declutter, toss out and rid ourselves of all the junk we have collected over winter. But, it's getting started that's the real mission. That's why we have compiled a list of essential spring cleaning hacks to get you on your way to a clutter free spring season.  Spring cleaning


Does your desk look like a scattered bomb site? Then it's time to start immediate evacuations and bring on the spring cleaning. Start out by clearing off any unnecessary paper, old takeaway coffee cups and stationery you no longer use. If there are forms or documents that you must keep, make sure to file them away. The last thing you need is to toss away that very important contract you have worked months to land! But, we know that bulky files can weigh you down even more, so rather opt for a neat flip folder from Waltons. These nifty concertina files come in an array of colours and can be carried almost anywhere without hassle.

Did you know that your keyboard is one of the dirtiest surfaces, crawling with germs, leftover crumbs and dead skin? Make it a priority this spring to dust off your keyboard, mouse pad and any other PC gadgets. Is your screen looking a little grimy too? Get your hands on some non-alcoholic wipes or screen cleaner spray from Incredible Connection or

Lastly, have you thought about how many unnecessary apps, files and widgets your computer has stored over the last year? Take some time to declutter your laptop or desktop this spring season. Opening up a clean and tidy Windows page at 8am on a Monday morning can do wonders for mental clarity!

Spring Cleaning


Now for the big guns - your house. While it may seem overwhelming at first, taking things slowly can bring great results. Pick one room to start with. It doesn't need to be the dirtiest or most overcrowded. We think the bathroom is a good place to begin. Clear out cupboards, drawers and cabinets of old medication, shampoo bottles and creams. Always check the expiry dates on these items, as some may still be usable. Give your towels and bath mats a good scrubbing too. Or, invest in a couple of new bathroom accessories from @Home stores. We love their Fringe Jacquard Bath Sheets. You better hurry if you want to wrap yourself up in a luxurious 100% cotton towel after your next bath.

Once you have the bathroom in top-tip condition, move on to the bedroom. We often store most of our junk in our bedrooms. This not only creates a cramped living space, but can even affect your sleep. The key to good shut eye is good ventilation, quiet and a space solely dedicated to sleeping. Clear your bedroom of any work related items, as these can hinder your brain from shutting off at night. Also eliminate any blue light emitting devices such as TVs, laptops and even your cell phone. We know, you like to scroll through Twitter before bed or catch up on your favourite series, but it's doing more harm than good. The last few months of the year can be a real drag, so it's vital to get as much good sleep as possible.

Spring cleaning

Next item on the agenda - the cupboards! Donate old clothes to a local community centre or host a jumble sale to make extra cash. The rule is, if you haven't worn it in a year, toss it out. You will feel much lighter waking up to a minimalist closet every morning, trust us. Plus, this is the perfect excuse to go out on a spring shopping spree to find a great new outfit.


Our last spring cleaning hack is for all you social media addicts. How many times have you mindlessly followed an account or friended someone you haven't spoken to in person for years? Culling your contacts every once in awhile is a must. It allows you to keep in touch with only the people who inspire, motivate and genuinely care about your well-being. It can also prevent thoughtless scrolling through social media when you are bored. So get to it.

Happy Spring Cleaning everyone! 


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